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AGM Documents

  WVSC ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2018 B.doc Explanation of nominating and electing volunteers to the board of directors
  AGM Change of Name Resolution 2018.docx Announcement of 2018 AGM and the changing of the West Vancouver Soccer Club society name
  West Vancouver Soccer Club Financials v 2.pdf West Vancouver Soccer Club Financials 2018
  2017 - West Vancouver Soccer Club Financials.pdf 2017 WVSC Financials
  WVSC AGM May 2016.pdf WVSC AGM Minutes for May 2016
  WEST VANCOUVER SOCCER CLUB-Resolutions RE_ Name Change of the Society Schedule A (2) (1).pdf WVSC Resolutions 2017 AGM
  Committee Procedures Draft 2014.pdf Committee Procedures Terms of Reference
  Communication and Promotion Comm Draft 2014.pdf The Committee works on behalf of the Club to oversee and manage communication
  Divisional Play Comm Draft 2014.pdf The committee oversees Divisional play from minis to u18's
  DRAFT WVSC Constitution Bylaws June 2014 V 2 with revisions made (2).pdf Constitution and Bylaws-updated June 2014
  Facilities and Equipment Comm Draft 2014.pdf this committee is responsible for overseeing and managing the Club use of game and practice facilities, equipment and uniforms, and the planning for new or improved facilities.
  Revenue Generation Comm Draft 2014.pdf This committee works on behalf of the Club and is responsible for revenue generation activities and initiatives that are external to investments, membership registration and program fee
  Technical Comm Draft 2014.pdf The Committee works on behalf of the Club to help develop and oversee technical playing standardsand coaching development within the Club.
  WVSC May 26 2014 AGM - Special Resolutions.pdf The following special resolutions are being presented to revise the current Bylaws (last revised July 2010)
  Nomination page.pdf If you are interested in running for an elected Board of Director position or if you are someone who would like to nominate someone for a Director position, please use the following link to find the nomination page:
  WVSC 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Final Feb 7 2014.pdf Strategic Plan Document