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Parent/Player/Coach Agreements

  BC_UCC_2021.pdf British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC)
Season Start-Up Letters

  U11-U18_Start_Up_Letter_2023-24_v_F1.pdf U11-U18 Divisional Start-Up Letter
  U11_and_U12_Start_Up_Letter_2023-24_.pdf U11 and U12 NSYSA Divisional Start-Up Letter
  Mini_Start_Up_letter_2023-24.pdf Mini Start-Up Letter 2023-24
Team Administration Documents

  WVFC BCCSL Team Manager AGC Information 2022 23.pdf BCCSL Team Manager Info
  WVFC NSYSA Team Manager AGC Information 2022 23 (2).pdf NSYSA Team Manager Info
  WVFC BCCSL League Team ID Codes 2022-23.xlsx Team ID Codes 2022-23 (Updated)
WVFC Constitution and Bylaws

  West Van FC Bylaws 2020-21 B.pdf West Van FC Bylaws
BC Coastal Soccer League

  roster.xls Team roster (excel format). Type one side, the other side is is automatically filled in.
  roster.doc Team Roster (Word format)
  2023-24 BCCSL Rules and Regulations.docx BCCSL Rules and Regulations 2023-24 (Draft)
Health and Fitness

  Eating for Peak Performance.pdf Eating for Peak Performance
AGM Documents

  10_11_2022 Minutes of the AGM Draft - RB.pdf AGM Minutes from 2022
  WVFC AGM Agenda 06_14_2023.pdf AGM Agenda: June 6, 2023
  Final financial statements.pdf Financials for AGM 2023

  Small_Sided_Rules.pdf BCSA Small Sided Rules
  WVFC Mini Team Manager AGC Information 2020 21 PDF (1).pdf Mini Manager Info 2020-21
Player Development

  CSA - Technical - Tech Planning - 1. Technical Plan (4).pdf WVFC Technical Plan 2022(Updated 2023)
  WVFC Club Philosophy and Goals 2021-22 Season v 1.pdf WVFC Club Philosophy 2021
  WVFC Long Term Player Development.pdf Long Term Player Development
Player Evaluation Forms

  WVFC Player Evaluation Form.xlsx Player Evaluation Form
  WVFC Player Evaluation Form - Out of Club Players.pdf Player Evaluation Form for Out-of-club Players

  assessments.pdf Assessment Guidelines
Sidelines (pre 2005)

  WVSC Sidelines Fall 2004.pdf WVSC Sidelines Fall 2004 Issue
  WVSC Sidelines December 2004.pdf Winter (December) 2004 Issue of Sidelines Newsletter
  sidelines_spring2002.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Spring 2002 issue.
  sidelines_fall2002.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Fall 2002 issue.
  sidelines_winter2002.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Winter 2002 issue.
  sidelines_spring2003.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Spring 2003 issue.
  sidelines_fall2003.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Fall 2003 issue.
  sidelines_winter2003.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Winter 2003 issue.

  December 2011 sidelines.pdf Sidelines Newsletter - December 2011
  June Newsletter v 4.pdf Sidelines June 2012
Langara Report

  BUSM_4300_Project_Report_v.18.pdf Langara Report
  WVSCPowerPoint_rev_10.pdf Langara Report
  Communication Matrix Form.pdf Langara Report
  Employee SurveySummary.xls Langara Report