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West Vancouver Football Club
P.O. Box 91172
West Vancouver, B.C.  V7V 3N8


Title / Function Name Phone Email
President Ruth Burr Email
VP and Governance/Club Operations Vacant Email
Treasurer Catherine Brandt Email
Secretary Haleh Alexander Email
VP and Tech Committee Chair Steve Dewar Email
Fields and Facilities Director Garry Fawley Email
Development Director Mike Sikich Email
Director of Adult Programs Andy
Director of Divisional Play Jen Towert Email
Communications Director Drew Bonnell Email
Registrar / Camp Admin Julie Walker 604-922-4261 Email
Ombudsman Colin Millar Email
MSL Coordinator Betty Dodson Email
Head Coach - Street Soccer Adam Aziz Email
Mini Coordinator Boys and Girls Shannon Smith Email
Equipment and uniform Manager Clark Deboer Email
Equipment Maintenance Manager TBA Email
Communications Betty Dodson Email
Photo Day Coordinator Catherine Robertson Email
Lost and Found Eddie Petrossian Email
Divisional Referee Assignor Aria Shokoohi Email
Gym Coordinator Charissa Li Email
Field Assignor Charissa Li Email
Referee-in-Chief David Sinclair Email
Coaches Game Coordinator Bryan Clarke Email
Sponsorship and Revenue Generation Heather Moffat Email
Girls U18 Jen Towert Email
Girls U17 Andrea Undseth Email
Girls U16 Connie Domries Email
Girls U15 Vacant Email
Girls U14 Andrea Undseth Email
Girls U13 Jennifer Tai Smith Email
Girls U12 Tricia Lang Email
Girls U11 Virginia Ireland Email
Girls U10 Vanessa Noonan Email
Girls U9 Whitney Greenwood Email
Girls U8 Michelle Nicholson Email
Girls U7 Bob Azimi Email
Girls U5/U6 Vacant Email
Boys U18 Jane Dewar Email
Boys U17 Jane Dewar Email
Boys U16 Vacant Email
Boys U15 Pardeep Kaura Email
Boys U14 Christine Tetrault Email
Boys U13 Jerrylynne McCann Email
Boys U12 Christine Tetrault Email
Boys U11 Alex Mrazek Email
Boys U10 Lisa Bell Lee Email
Boys U9 Mohamed Hussein Email
Boys U8 Renee Bourchier Email
Boys U7 Maryam Hajiloo Email
Boys U5/U6 Vacant Email
Technical Director Jammer Afshar Email
Assistant Technical Director Leo Nash Email
AGTC GU8, GU9, GU10, GU13, GU17 Adam Aziz Email
AGTC Bu11, BU12, BU18, GU12 Desmond Tachie Email
AGTC BU13, Bu15 , Bu16, BU17, GU14, GU16, GU18 Sam Saundh Email
AGTC BU14, GU11, GU15 Ravi Fisher Email
AGTC BU8, BU9, BU10 Matt Walker Email

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