Ambleside Sports Vision

Dear West Vancouver Soccer Club Member and Alumni,

After several years of envisioning and planning, a joint initiative lead by West Vancouver Soccer Club, West Vancouver Field Hockey Club and the District of West Vancouver, is finally close to becoming an exciting reality! With the completion of the Ambleside Sports Vision, Ambleside Park will become one of the premier community sports facilities in the region. With a world-class location on our pristine West Vancouver waterfront, this is an opportunity we can’t afford to let slip by.

As someone who has an active interest in the community sports facilities in West Vancouver, I wanted to let you know about the exciting improvements that are about to happen.

I hope that you will help make the vision a reality for the youth of West Vancouver.


NEW FIELDHOUSE (change rooms, washrooms, offices)

NEW TURF SPORTS FIELD on Ambleside A beside the Tennis Courts


The fulfilment of this vision is long overdue as the old Fieldhouse at Ambleside has been mostly untouched since it was originally built in the 1960's. I'm not sure when the last time you or your children had the underwhelming experience of using the washrooms or change rooms there, but it certainly is in dire need of a complete overhaul.

To be brief, due to a generous funding grant from the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, the Ambleside Sports Vision received a kick start that is contingent on West Vancouver Soccer Club and West Vancouver Field Hockey Clubs being able to raise $1.5 million from its members over the next three years. Together we've raised $470,000 of the $1.5 million to initiate the project (you've no doubt seen the new turf field being created beside the tennis courts along Marine Drive).

However, our next deadline to raise a minimum of $270,000 by this September 30, 2010 is fast approaching, and we are kick starting a new campaign to raise these funds to keep the project going. Without meeting this financial deadline, we could jeopardise the re-development of the Ambleside Fieldhouse and other great new facilities.

So, we're asking you to help keep the vision alive! 

Below is a more detailed document that gives an overview of the Ambleside Sports Vision's Phase One, and then gives opportunities for your generous donations.

For more information and on-line donations please go to our web site: (live by September 17)

Donations are tax deductible!

Feel free to call or email. “Please help spread the word!”

Best Regards,
West Vancouver Soccer Club

James Askew, Director of Fundraising

Cell: 604-617-0632

Ambleside Sports Vision Details

West Vancouver Soccer Club, in conjunction with West Van Field Hockey, the District of WV, and the Provincial and Federal Governments, are in the process of creating a vastly improved sports centre at Ambleside Park. The goal is to bring Ambleside Park up to its full potential as a premier centre for community sports in the Vancouver Region. With a world-class location like Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, this is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.

Ambleside Sports Vision – Phase One

  1. Current Upgrades Being Performed
    • New Artificial Turf Field on Ambleside A “Rutledge Field”
        Key Benefit to Soccer Community
      • Use for practices and super 8 games – no more mud!
      • Increased Soccer Scheduling on D and E Fields
  2. Pending Upgrades to Start When Funds in Place by September 30
    • Complete Renovation of Existing Fieldhouse
      • Four change rooms with showers and washrooms
      • Two offices (Soccer / Field hockey)
      • Universal Washrooms
      • Storage Space
      • Key Benefit to Soccer Community
        • User-friendly washrooms and change rooms for youth and adult soccer teams.
        • Full Time Coach's office at Ambleside
        • Increased tournament approved facilities
    • Soccer Warm Up Pads with Turf
      • Key Benefit to Soccer Community
        • Pre-game and practice warm up on turf vs. gravel

  3. Proposed Future Phases
    • Additional Fieldhouse building including:
      • Two separate clubrooms (with moveable acoustic panel)
      • First Aid / referee change rooms with tournament admin room
      • A server-style concession
      • Men’s and women’s public washrooms
      • An accessible and covered 2nd floor observation deck and lounge offering 360 degree views of all fields, ocean and mountains
Financial Commitments

  • Total cost of Phase One facility upgrades
    • $5.26 million (Fed/Province $3 million, WV District $760,000, WVSC/WVFH $1.5 million)

  • WVSC and WVFH have committed to raising $1.5 million through private donations, in various stages:

    • June 14, 2010 $470,000 (Completed)
    • September 30, 2010 $270,000 (Need to raise ASAP)
    • March 31, 2011 $200,000
    • February 28, 2012 $180,000 – Phase Two Fieldhouse
    • February 29, 2013 $380,000 - Phase Two Fieldhouse

How Can You Donate?

  • Ambleside Sports Vision Donation Recognition Levels
    • Community - $100, $250, $500
    • Clubhouse - $1,000 – Recognition Wall
    • Bronze - $5,000 – Recognition Wall
    • Silver - $10,000 – Recognition Wall
    • Gold - $25,000 – Recognition Wall
    • Platinum - $50,000 – Recognition Wall
    • Legacy - $100,000 and up – Recognition Wall
  • Naming Opportunities for Upgrades Starting at $ (contact me for details)
    • Fieldhouse Phase One
      • Four Change Rooms $tbd each
      • Two Universal Washrooms $tbd each
      • Two Team Offices $tbd each
      • Two Storage Rooms $tbd each
      • Soccer Warm Up Pad $tdb
  • Donations are Tax Deductible
    • Example $25,000 Cash Donation
      • Tax Receipt Received (43.7%) - $10,925
      • Net After Tax Cost Of Donation - $14,075

    Cash Donations can be made out to the “West Vancouver Community Foundation”, and noted for the benefit of West Vancouver Soccer Facilities Fund.

    For easy on line donations go to: Click on “donate now through Canada Helps”, then choose West Vancouver Soccer Facilities Fund on the drop down menu. Tax receipts will come directly from the West Van Community Foundation.

    Security Certificates are transferable to the West Vancouver Community Foundation, and can significantly reduce your net after tax cost of donation.

    Remember, we need to hit our committed target of $270,000 by September 30, 2010 to keep the vision alive. Please help make the Ambleside Sports Centre Vision a Reality for generations of children to come!! Thank you so much for your support…

    James Askew, Fundraising Director WVSC
    Cell: 604-617-0632

    For more information go to: