Volunteer Definitions

"volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless but because they are PRICELESS"

1. Role of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach


Soccer coaches hold the responsibility of instructing their players regarding skills and tactics while managing teams as a whole to foster an attitude of sportsmanship and competitive drive. Assistant soccer coaches play a similar role; helping head coaches evaluate athletes' strengths and weaknesses both in practices and in games. The assistant coach may not rank as high as the head coach, but a successful assistant will make equally important contributions to the team. Below are some of the duties a coach and assistant coach are expected to fulfill


- Signs the Club's Coaching Code of Conduct

-  Prepares a team seasonal plan

-  Conducts a Parent /Player meeting prior to the beginning of the season and sets out his expectations

- Responsible for completion of player evaluation forms as required by the Club

- attends to other circumstances which might arise.

- All coaches, asst coaches and managers are expected to be compliant with BCSA'ss rules on Criminal records checks (every third year or new to the club)

2. Role of Manager


Responsible for administrative functions related to the team,

- Responsible for team communications (in both directions),

- helps to resolve disagreement between a parent and the coach,

- initiates communication by telephone and e-mail,

- arranges for half time refreshments for players,

- obtains uniforms and equipment for the team from the Club

- arranges to purchase track suits and other items,

- arranges for team photographs,

- attends ID card night (divisional teams u12 to U18 and BU11 Development teams) No ID cards required for U5 to U11 players except Bu11 Development

- Bu11 team managers must collect copies of birth certificates or passports for proof of age (BC Soccer Requirement|)

- attends to other circumstances which might arise.
- All managers are expected to be compliant with BCSA's rules on Criminal records checks (every third year or new to the club)


3. Divisional Coordinator (two for the boys, two for the girls)


Divisional Coordinators are responsible for coordinating placement of players on

Teams in consultation with the Player Review Panel and Club. They are

The contact persons when team roster need to be changed for any reason, such as

When players are not able to play for a team due to long term injury, conflicts etc.

When players are to be permanently transferred between teams, the Coordinators must be informed before any players can be transferred. Divisional coordinators work closely with their assigned Age Group Coordinators

All divisional Coordinators are expected to be compliant with BCSA's Criminal Record checks (every third year or new to the club)


4. Mini Coordinator- up to U10 (one for the boys, one for the girls)


Each age group U6-U10 has a coordinator, one for the boys and one for the girls. The age group coordinator, with assistance from the relevant Mini co-ordinator, makes up the teams each year following a standard set of guidelines. These guidelines were established to promote fairness to the process, equal opportunity, and a reasonable distribution of players from different schools. All Mini coordinators are expected to be compliant with BCSA's Criminal Record Checks (every third year or new to the club)

5. Raffle


The club  raffle  each year  is a big fundraiser  for the club and it takes  numerous volunteers  on a weekend  in late October  to tally  and account for the proceeds . It all can be accomplished in a day with a team of counters and recorders

The raffle sales will begin early September and the draw will happen early November. Last two weeks in October is the time when the proceeds are tallied and accounted for prior to the draw date.


6. Field & Equipment Maintenance


The club divides the facilities into three groups or sections and are as follows 

1)     Ambleside     2)  Mini fields   3) Grass divisional fields ( other than Ambleside)

Site Manager for each facility used for troubleshooting and on-site needs

Such as ensuring   goals are in good working order and can hold a net, assessing fields condition, ensuring equipment box is adequately stocked with liner paint goal nets and corner flags. Communicating with the clubs equipment buyer whenever equipment needs replacing 


7. Capital Project Fundraising


The club is always looking for individuals that are willing to ask for capital funds from potential donors within the club and from external sources for specific district approved projects. Additional Artificial turf facilities are needed for our youth to train and play games as many of our younger members are still practicing on gravel

We have ambitious plans for a future club house down at Ambleside Park that is going to take a lot of fundraising.


8. Gym Coordinator


Mini teams are assigned gym times when the weather along with day light hours does not allow for practice outdoors.  The club's gym coordinator will assign gym times for all mini teams. The club pays for the mini's gym time, and school district contracts are drawn up and signed

New CRC procedure

If you are requested to submit a new CRC please read the letter below for the link and Access Code  

Dear WVFC Volunteer,

Thank you for choosing to be a participating member of our soccer club. As you probably know, we are a non-profit soccer organization, so it is people like you who enable us to provide a great soccer experience for our players. All adults who work with children in our organization are required to submit to a Criminal Records Check, and we are now a part of the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP), which enables our volunteers to submit for their checks online at no cost. The Criminal Records Check must be completed every 3 years, so if you are receiving this email you are either new as a volunteer, or another CRC is required in order for you to continue as a volunteer. We encourage you to complete this online application as soon as possible to ensure you will have clearance when the season begins in just a few short weeks.

When you go to the CRRP application online there will be a few questions that you will need to answer in order to prove your identity. Your responses are private and will not be delivered to our club. We will only receive the CRC result. Please use the following information to access the online CRRP Criminal Records Check.

Online Link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/home.htm

Access Code: WT9RARKWJL

Once again, thank you for being a valued WVFC volunteer this season.


Leo Nash

WVFC Director of Football