U9 Resources


currently under construction and will be completed in time for the 2020/21 season start

Warm ups

U9 Warmup

A movement activation exercise for all young players, to help them get physically prepared for a training session.
Youth soccer players can be distracted when warming up, so it helps to make warm-ups fun and interesting.
This warm-up includes some basic movement as well as engaging/activating the brain.
Warm-up activities for an attacking themed session.
Fun and active warm-up.


U9 Technical

Change of speed and direction.
Dribbling Skills Corridor. Getting the players comfortable while running with the ball.
1v1 activity that can progress into a 2v1.
Focuses on passing accuracy and correct technique.
Small-sided possession w/ progression into a transition.


U9 Finishing

A finishing drill working on 3 different areas/angles on the field.
Included are 4 finishing activities.
Focuses on working the ball out wide and finishing off a cross.
Focuses on the correct technique for ball striking.


U9 Games

This video helps you understand the importance of movement and being in the right angle to receive a pass, improve your awareness of teammates and opposition and make the right decisions at the right time - when to receive and when to pass.
Focus on decision making in and out of possession and transitions between offence and defence.