U7 Resources


This section is filled with session ideas and drills for our West Van FC U7 coaches. The Technical Lead for your age group will update the videos throughout the season so make sure to check back regularly.

WVFC Tech Department 

Warm ups

U7 Warmup

Fun dynamic warm-up to get your players smiling and laughing
This activity will help your players warm up their brains and speed up their reaction times.
A fun activity to help warm-up your players. Please, also take in how enthusiastic the coach is, and how he interacts with his players. The best tip how to coach at this age is, bring an incredible amount of high energy to entertain your players.
Another great and fun warm-up to do with your players. Please, make a slight modification to just have the Tagger hold the pinnie in their hand and then drop it on the floor once the tag another player, then the new tagger needs to pick it up before trying to tag someone else.
Fun warm-up! Your players will love this! Please, try the different variations suggested at the end of the video as well.


U7 Technical

A simple dribbling activity
Teaching your players to make a simple pass.
One attacker versus one defender, attacker must try to successfully dribble through any the gates while the defender must try to stop them. Change after 45 seconds to make the defender become the attacker and vice-verser


U7 Finishing

An easy and fun way to improve their shooting techniques
You can modify, Coach passes the ball into the player’s feet, with a good first touch the player sets themself up for a shot on goal. Once they shoot they become a goalie. Then once they finish being a goalie they grab a new ball and head back to your line to wait for your upcoming shot.
1v1 Shooting game


U7 Games

2 or 3 defenders, who will try to kick the balls of the opponents out of the area. Change the defenders every 1 or 2 minutes.
Passing in pairs while moving around the area passing through the gates.
1v1 game. Players must win the ball and dribble back to their side, you can add goals to have them score into, you can do 2v2 as well.