U15 Resources


This section is filled with session ideas and drills for our West Van FC U15  coaches. The Technical Lead for your age group will update the videos throughout the season so make sure to check back regularly.

WVFC Tech Department 

Warm ups

U15 Warmup

Evasive dribbling warm-up.
Warmup to be done before introducing a ball to the session.
Pregame warm-up, with dynamic stretching preparing the body for game day or practice. can be used as a team warm-up
Reaction drill


U15 Technical

Passing and receiving with combination play progression.
Passing pattern with movement off the ball
Ball mastery. Helping players be more comfortable on the ball
Simple drill that can be run at many ages


U15 Finishing

This finishing exercise helps to develop shooting technique, finishing skills
Shoot the Ball!!!
1v1 to finish
Bit basic but can be modified with movement off the ball and passing combinations.


U15 Games

4 goal possession game. Players need to move the ball quickly to score
Possession with numbers. Suggestions for numbers would inlude two games of this if at 16 players, or adding a player or two on each team if the numbers are not there
Possession with changing the point of attack
5v2 with 2 boxes.
Transitions to improve speed of play.