U12 Resources


This section is filled with session ideas and drills for our West Van FC U12  coaches. The Technical Lead for your age group will update the videos throughout the season so make sure to check back regularly.

WVFC Tech Department 

Warm ups

U12 Warmup

Technical warm-up with speed agility and ball
Defending #1 Working on when to close down and the moments Cues and Triggers they can lead towards closing a player down early. (There is a progression to this in the Game section marked Defending #2)
Pre-practice warm-up
Warm-up Routine


U12 Technical

A drill to develop dribbling skills. This football exercise also helps to practice quick combinations with two players.
Lots of touches on the ball
LOTS of different ideas in one video
drill to encourage players "Opening up"
Running and passing drill that are competitive.


U12 Finishing

Shooting drill with a progression to defensive pressure on the shooter
A fun game to challenge any team.
Quick passes to finish
Combination 3 different lines


U12 Games

Players are looking to create overloads in the attacking areas.
Defending #2 - this is the progression from the first defending warmup
Balance and Cover and pressure. 3v3 game
A few different types of Rondo drills. (Rondo is keep away)