U11 Resources


This section is filled with session ideas and drills for our West Van FC U11  coaches. The Technical Lead for your age group will update the videos throughout the season so make sure to check back regularly.

WVFC Tech Department 

Warm ups

U11 Warmup

Technical Warmup with ball
Ball Work!
simple ball work to get the heart rate up
Tic tac toe warmp-up


U11 Technical

Session on dribbling technique. Focusing on players keeping their heads up in traffic areas.
Fun passing and control activity
Dribbing and passing drills and relay races for some pressure and competition.
Lots of touches and running with the ball. Emphasis on Change of pace


U11 Finishing

Shooting drill with progressing to defensive pressure on the shooter
Shooting with some transition
changes of direction and 1v1 to goal
Reaction shooting. do not have the kids touch the cone with their hands.


U11 Games

Players are looking to creat overloads and making decisions on went to dribble, shoot and pass.
This drill can be done if a 5v5 plus one. Use according to however many players you have for the session.
Quick one on ones
Crossing and Finishing in a game environment.
2v2 and 3v2 game with a focus on defending