Sponsors / Partners


Established in 1920, the West Vancouver Soccer Club continues to thrive as the largest community sport association in the West Vancouver district. We are a legacy that offers a safe place for our children and young adults to play soccer and feel connected to others. We provide a home to play the beautiful game for many skill levels and ages.


 Each year our sponsors step forward to help us create long-life memories of soccer for our members. As we have entered 2018, WVSC is moving towards being a club that will be a home to youth and adult players. We are excited to announce our new brand, West Vancouver Football Club or WVFC. Watch for this exciting change as we rebrand our club and change our logo. One thing that will not change is our home base, Ambleside Park.


Moving forward we are excited to continue our journey with Axiom Builders, who have been an incredible friend to our club at Metro and Mini levels. The people behind the Axiom name remain committed supporters of WVSC. We thank them for their generosity and giving spirit. 


From a personal perspective, I have been blessed to have built wonderful relationships with the people from Axiom Builders, Pacific Honda, Grosvenor and many other businesses throughout our community. These relationships make my role as Sponsorship Director one of thanks, heart and positive fulfillment. Thanks to each of you for all you do. You are the difference in a club that depends on volunteer and community sponsorship support.


We are currently seeking sponsorship for our summer camps, divisional teams, goal keeping clinics, hardship cases, and there is a wish list for items such as covered bleachers.  Although we reside in an area surrounded by immense beauty and riches, we are a not-for profit organization, and within our own community there is a very large range of economics.  We will always take every player that comes to us and provide them with the best soccer experience possible, and at the same time, we are cognizant of the need to maintain and upgrade our facilities so that we can continue to be in line with other similar organizations.  Our members and community deserve the best, and it will take a number of hands from different places to enable us to be the club we envision.


Always happy to chat,


Heather Moffat

Director of Sponsorship and Fund Generation


If you or any businesses that you know of have an interest in contributing to corporate sponsored uniforms, jackets, gear or an item in kind, please contact: hmoffat2000@yahoo.com.  Heather Moffat will be happy to hear from you.  As a community sports club, we count on the support of our neighbors and businesses to help us continue to improve and grow.