WVFC Inter-Club Schedules

As a friendly reminder, the Provincial Health Order states that we cannot have spectators at games or practices.  Thank you for respecting this.

Games: Find your cohort and game schedule
(For teams that are part of the BCCSL)

Girls Schedules:  WVFC Girls Inter-CLub Schedule

Boys U8-U10 and U11 and U12 Div. 3 Team Schedules
(For teams that are part of the NSYSA League)

Girls U8-U10 and U11 and U12 Div 3 Team Schedules
(For teams that are part of the NSYSA League)

Fields:  Find your field location and game time

Practice Schedules

Link to Practice Schedules:
Practice Schedules 

Field Rules and Guidelines


It's important for us to make sure we take care of our fields and keep them in order.  Corner flags need to be returned to their storage bins.  If you do not see a team coming onto the field after your game, please remove the corner flags from your field and store them.  Empty water bottles and litter need to be cleaned up from the bench and field areas.  Everyone's efforts are appreciated.

Artificial Turf Guidelines


Rutledge Footwear

Turf boots or running shoes only; no molded soccer cleats; applies to players and coaches.


Grass Fields

Spectators must stand off the divisional field of play on the sidelines.  Do not stand in the goal mouth area.



All field hockey and soccer mini, super 8 goals, lacrosse and training goals must be locked up after last game or practice, each day.

North Shore Fields and Status Reports


West Van Fields

North Van Fields

Mini Boys and Girls U5-U7


Street Soccer Schedules can be found at:

West Vancouver Football Club Adult Schedules


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