Refund Policy


West Vancouver Football Club is a not for profit organization. 
WVFC commits to program expenditures once registration numbers are determined.  Many of 0ur expenses are not recoverable to the Club when a member withdraws.  Refunds are not issued if games are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control e.g. cancellations due to weather conditions. 
Mini Players (Under 5 to Under U10) - refund requests will be accepted until Thanksgiving. 
MSL and Select team players - no refunds will be issued once the player has accepted a place on the team - except for the reasons listed below in the Divisional Players section. 
Divisional players  (non Select U11 to U18) - refunds will only be considered before June 15.  After that date, refunds will only be issued for the following reasons:

•         Players whose seasons must end due to illness or injury (a doctor’s note is required).
•         Players moving to a higher level of play and out of our Club.
•         Players whose family is relocating out of the North Shore area.

The refund amount will be pro-rated to account for any unrecoverable fees and expenses. The soccer uniform must be returned to the team manager before any refund is considered.
All refund requests should be emailed to Julie Walker: and to your AGC (Age Group Coordinator) whose email can be found at: .
Refunds normally take 1-3 weeks to be issued.