Mini U8 - U10

Registration Information

The website opens for registration on Feb 15 and registration will continue for Mini players U8 to U10 until May 31st. From June 1 onwards a late registration fee may be charged. Registration will continue  with a late fee added until teams are full. If you are a returning player please register using your login and password from the previous season. If you are a new player please enter as a "new user" and invent a user name and password.

Players registering on June 1st or after will be placed on teams with spaces in date order of registration. Registrations will be taken until the teams are full and then a waitlist will be started.

Mini Soccer - U8 to U10

Mini Soccer Program  
All boys games are scheduled for Saturdays and ALL girls games are scheduled on Sundays in the 2018/19 season. Each team practices once a week between games. 
The season runs from mid September to early March with a break from mid December to mid January. The age group that a player falls under is determined by his age as of December 31st. As an example, a player who will be 9 years old at December 31st must play in the U10 (i.e. Under 10) age group.

In accordance with the Rules and Regulations set out by BC Soccer, from U8 - U10 players must play in their correct age group. No player may play "down" except if they have a physical or mental disability, and players may only play "up" upon the recommendation of the Technical Director 

Schedules will be posted in August at under "small sided games"

No player may practice or play with a team unless the player has been placed by the Club on that team
The Club has appointed Age Group Technical Coordinators to help you with any coaching problems or questions. Age Group Technical Cordinators are listed on the Club Contacts page

Boys and Girls U10 Development Teams

At Under 10 the Club may form one or two "Development Teams" to play in a league against similar skilled teams  
At Boys  U10 players may be chosen to play on "Development teams" as per the Long Term Player Development model as supported by the BCSA and CSA.
Depending on the size and skill level of the age group one or two teams may be formed. The teams will play in a league against "like minded" and "similar skilled" players. Once these teams are formed, the remainder of the players will be placed in "house" teams that will play in a league against other similarly skilled teams. For "house" level teams, players will be placed on a team with at least one friend (where possible) if they register before the deadline of May 31st. After that, late registering players will be placed on a team where there is space.
Any player choosing not to play on a Development team will still be considered for a Development team at U11.
The Club acknowledges that players develop at different times and, therefore, players will be moved up to the Development teams at certain times where warranted and recommended by the team coach, the Technical Director or the AGTC's (Age Group Technical Coach).
Players placed on "Development teams" are required to attend the Club's development Program known as "PLUS" on Wednesdays at 3:30 to 4:30.

Please note that the 2018/19 season will be the final season for Development teams at U10 as recommended  by BC Soccer and the CSA


The Club has appointed Age Group Technical Coordinators. They will help with any technical problems or questions  
Please go to the Club contacts page to find the AGTC for your age group

Mini "playing up" Policy


WVSC Playing Up Policy

Who is eligible to play up?

The WVSC uses the same policy that is recommended by the BCSA. (See Appendix C: Playing Up Policy - Individual Players - of download document below**) Essentially, players are encouraged to remain within their own age group unless they are totally out-classing their peers, both technically and physically, and are mentally and socially capable of the advancement.

The BCSA document states that for a player to be considered to play at a higher age group, the player must 'meet or exceed' the level of the older participants in all areas: technical, physical, mental, and social. This is 'to ensure that specific windows of trainability are not missed' and to follow the national model of Long Term Player Development.

What to do if you think your son/daughter fits the playing-up criteria and would like to submit an application to the WVSC?

1) Fill out application below.

2) Email completed application to the appropriate coordinator:

And copy:

3) The Club's staff coaches will then arrange a time to assess your player.

4) Wait for response from appropriate Coordinator.

Application to play up:

  • Player's name:
  • Player's birthdate:
  • Playing History:Reason for request to play up:
  • What age group does the player want to "play up" to?

If you have any further questions, please contact your approriate coordinator listed above. The Playing Up Policy applies to all age groups in the club.