Paid Coach Guideline

Paid Coaches U11 and U12

Paid Coaches at Under 11 and Under12  
Please note that  players at U11 and u12  are in an age group where there may  be paid coaches at the Division 1 Level (formerly called Development or Gold teams)
Any player placed at the Division 1 level may be requested to pay an extra $150 over and above the regular registration fee.

Metro and Div1/Metro

Metro and Div 1 teams (U13 and U14 teams), for the most part, have a paid professional coach.  The expectation is that coaches will:
  • Provide two 1.5 hour training sessions per week. (30 minutes will be an off-field warm up prior to training.  Coaches may also elect to do an off-field cool down that is part of the 30 minutes.)
  • Attend each game.
  • Coach one local tournament with their team during the season.  Players should expect to pay for additional tournaments or any travel tournaments.  The general estimate for tournaments is $125 per day, but please check with coaches regarding their expectations.  With gasoline prices costing so much, coaches may ask for fuel costs.
  • Any additional training sessions that are outside of the regularly scheduled will be at the cost of the players.  This is not common and should be discussed with the coach.  
  • The Metro/Div 1 season can end by March, but it can also go until July if a team is very successful in post season play.  Coaches will remain with their team until their last game of league play and post-season play.

U13 - U18 Divisional Teams

West Van FC is a volunteer based soccer club; however, there are times when a team are unable to find volunteers to coach teams or when we hear from a team's parent group that they’d support hiring a paid coach and have someone in mind. This is especially the case for our Div. 1 and sometimes our Div. 2 teams because at those levels the play is competitive, and finding qualified volunteer coaches can be difficult. Our Technical Department strives to find volunteers for each team, but when one cannot be found, a professional coach may be hired by the team for the season.  When this happens, the families are responsible for paying the coach's salary as part of an additional fee. No player will ever be removed from a team because they cannot afford to pay the additional coaching fee, but enough family members must contribute to the coach's payment or the coach will not likely take the team.  

Compensation for Paid Coaches Going to Tournaments

Guideline for Compensating a Paid Coach to Attend a Tourament

West Vancouver FC Appreciates that participation in tournaments is a fun and important part of team development.  However, we are mindful that for professional coaches, this means giving up an entire period of time where there can be financial loss due to missed work, and there are travel expenses like the cost of extra gasoline, transportation tickets, lodging and the purchasing of food.  We are providing this guideline for teams who have a professional coach and are considering a tournament.
  • Daily compensation:  $125
  • Hotel/motel:  covered by the team's families
  • Airline ticket:  covered by the team's families
  • Ferry tickets:  covered by the team's families
Teams that want to do over night tournaments should discuss the coach's expectations prior to planning.  

Any tournaments that are planned during the late spring or summer are not likely part of the Metro program.  Our primary reason for creating this guideline is so that unfair expectations are not placed onto coaches, whether coaching a Metro team or any other club team. Coaches coach because they love the game and want to share their passion with their players, but often times we forget that they have families, financial realities and lives off the field as well.  

Exhibition Games

The club suggests $50 should be paid to a coach for extra home games, and $75 for away games.  Please discuss this with your coach to ensure all parties feel comfortable with the arrangement.