MSL and Div 1

BU14 Div1 Coaching Announcement (2024-25 Season)

Changes for the 2011 Birth Year Players in 2023-24


The New Intake Age Group in the BCSPL will be the U14 Intake (2011 Birth Year) for September 2024


In September 2023*, across the province, all U13 age groups will commence 9v9 small side game formats which is aligned with the direction from Canada Soccer. This change impacts the BCSPL as this standards-based level of play is based on 11v11 game formats. Therefore, in September 2023 the U13 Intake age group (2011 Birth Year) will not be participating in the BCSPL. This age group’s selection process will be delayed by one year until September 2024 at the U14 Intake age group within the 11v11 game format. The 2011 born players will continue to participate in their regular soccer environment with their club teams utilizing the 9v9 small-sided game format.


*Some leagues in BC already use 9v9 or smaller sided game formats for the U13 age group. 

To read the entire BC Soccer Association document, please click on this link: BCSPL Changes