MSL and MUFC Info for U12 going to U13

Information for U12's going into U13 regarding Metro Soccer League and Mountain United Football Club (BCSPL) tryouts.  

Dear U12 Parent and Player,

There are two new additions to the soccer stream that could affect you as you move to U13.  Each of these pathways involves only those players who choose to pursue a higher level of play than Divisional Level competition and training, meaning Divisional 1-3 soccer or, in the past, Gold, Silver and Bronze level soccer.  In keeping with the Canadian Soccer Association’s and the British Columbia Soccer Association’s strategic plan to strengthen the highest level of soccer across our province and country, players who show elite level potential are being encouraged to participate in the British Columbia Soccer Premier League, BCSPL or HPL , which are the same entity.  This is the highest competitive league in BC, and WVFC’s partner club is Mountain United Football Club, MUFC.   MUFC supports players from Burnaby, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver; however, because the BCSPL has no boundaries, unlike most soccer clubs that have district boundaries, they have the ability to take an unlimited number of players from anywhere within the province.  The goal of MUFC is to promote players to the Whitecaps and Provincial programs.  The WVFC Technical Department works very closely with MUFC in putting forth the names of players who stand out in combined areas of athleticism, skills and the commitment to the sport of soccer in regard to training and focus.  Only players who show the most skill and potential are invited to join MUFC.  Some seasons WVFC will  have only one or two new players invited to play with MUFC, and in other years the club could have as many as seven or eight.  Despite our club’s size, we have done very well in the ability to advance players to the BCSPL.

The second soccer stream that begins at U13 is Metro Soccer.  This is the highest level of soccer at club level.  Districts within the Lower Mainland are responsible for putting forth the most competitive teams possible, as this is the program that feeds into BCSPL.  Most districts are allotted one team per age group.  The North Shore District, because of our population and history of having very competitive Divisional teams, has been allotted two teams in most age groups. 

The North Shore District includes the Sunshine Coast Youth Soccer Club, Whistler Youth Soccer Club, Bowen Island Football Club and Squamish Youth Soccer Club.  The top players from those clubs are encouraged to join in with the North Shore District players in order to create highly competitive teams, and WVFC welcomes players from other clubs to attend our Metro tryouts.  Additionally, Metro teams are allowed to take up to five out-of-district players in order to strengthen teams.  It is imperative to create the most competitive teams possible because teams that show the inability to compete in league play are relegated and dropped from the Metro Division. 

WVFC’s Technical Department assesses players throughout the season.  Watching players during practices and at games, club coaches are able to determine a player’s ability level.  Team coaches are asked to assess players at the winter break and then also at the end of the season, so with the combined evaluations of team and club coaches, much is known about the skill set and commitment level of each player.  In order to make a Metro team, interested players must attend club tryouts.  At that time players are objectively assessed by club coaches and out-of-club coaches as they are evaluated on the field with other players.  Scores are tabulated at the end of tryouts, and along with the tryout results, the player’s season long assessments are also considered when teams are selected.  The very best players from the entire pool of tryout participants are then placed onto a team.  

Only players who are dedicated and committed to improving their soccer skills should try out for BCSPL or Metro teams.  Also, because of the speed of the play at the Metro level, athleticism is a major benefit to players being successful. There is training two times per week, although some coaches required three, and games are every weekend.  The cost to register for MUFC is approximately $2,400, and the registration fee for last season's Metro program at WVFC was $850, but that price may go up this season due to overhead costs. The reason for the higher fee is increased artificial turf field time and the implementation of professional coaches.  BCSPL and Metro are not meant for all players, and the majority of club players find high quality training and competition in Divisional soccer. 

Tryouts for MUFC’s  U12 Input - Information can be found at:

Tryouts for the WVFC MSL Program will begin in February for boys and girls. Please feel free to contact Betty Dodson, WVSC MSL Administrator with any questions at  Tryout information will be posted toward the end of January.


Thank you,

Betty Dodson

WVFC MSL Administrator

Permitting Players for Games

The following are the procedures that need to be adhered to when permitting a player for a game  

1. WVFC promotes and supports the permitting and transferring of players between Metro teams and those teams that are at higher levels from within WVFC and MUFC.  It is required that a player's coach and either the Club's Technical Director or Metro Director is also informed whenever a player is invited to participate in a practice or a game with another team. The BCCSL has implemented the Fluid roster for this season so that the movement between players is simpler.  Players may be invited to play for a team that is of a higher competitive level or an older age division. Coaches should be respectful and contact a player's current coach before having a player join a team for a game.  The Fluid roster is a means of helping teams that find themselves short players for a particular weekend.




2. WVFC supports the ability for a Metro coach to invite a Sea to Sky player to attend a training session with his or her team as long as the following people have been notified and approval has been granted from: The WVFC Technical Director or MSL Administrator and the appropriate official from the Sea to Sky club and The Sea to Sky player's coach.  At no time should a player be requested to put his or her own team second to a WVFC Metro team.


3. "Out of Club" players - Coaches should not contact players from another Club within the District. "Out-of-club" players who are already tied to a team should only be contacted through the Club's Technical Director or MSL Administrator. They will contact their opposite Director in the relevant Club.