Fluid Roster Process Suspended

As part of BC Soccer's rules and regulations, players may not move between teams at this time. The Fluid Roster Process that we previously had, where players could be brought up a level from one team to play with another, has been suspended for now.

Divisional Information for 2009 Players

West Van FC would like to make players and parents aware of a BC Coastal Soccer League change for next season.  What we are sharing with you will affect all clubs in the Lower Mainland, not just us.  The BC Coastal Soccer League, with the backing of BC Soccer, has decided to consolidate the league's divisions, and in doing so, what has customarily been called the Metro Division will now be called Div. 1 for 2009 birth year players.  The name Metro will still be used for 2008 and older players, but eventually the term Metro will no longer be used for the division that feeds into the BC Soccer Premier League, which is the highest competitive youth league.  In essence, Div. 1 will become our new Metro starting next season. Questions can be sent to Betty Dodson:

North Shore Div 1 Agreement

With the new BCSPL partnership between West Van FC and the two North Shore clubs, NSGSC and NVFC, there is an agreement that at the U13 age group for Div 1, players will remain with their home clubs.  In the past, we have had a considerable amount of switching of players at the U13 age group because of Metro (Div1) team placements, but the clubs have agreed that they want their own players to remain with them for this age group. This is for the betterment of the North Shore District's soccer programs.  The goal is to have a strong player pathway for all players on the North Shore, and by working hand-in-hand with each other, we all feel that we can achieve more for our players.  There are a number of big changes at U13: the introduction of BCSPL, Div 1 and 11 v 11 play, so if a player is able to make the Div 1 team with their club, each North Shore club would like them to stay for the new season.

At GU14-U18, NS clubs will be receptive to player movement between clubs.