Insurance and Accident Policy

All member leagues and clubs of the British Columbia Soccer Association are covered by a single BCSA insurance policy. The general liability coverage is $5,000,000 for each occurrence, and covers players, coaches, managers, officials, members, volunteers and employees. Our advice is that "volunteer" is deemed to be any person carrying out the duties given them by the club, or an authorized person of the club (such as a coach). It is also that the coverage applies to "sanctioned association events" such as the annual soccer dance and annual coaches meetings, but not team-sponsored events such as season wind up parties. There is no coverage under this policy for accidents resulting from a volunteer parent transporting players to and from games or practices unless it is by non-owned automobile i.e. bus or rented van. Volunteer drivers should ensure that their own third party liability coverage obtained through ICBC is sufficient (our insurer"s recommendation is that this coverage should be $10,000,000). A summary of the policy follows:

a) Accidental Death & Dismemberment Limit $25,000.00
b) Permanent Total Disability Limit $50,000.00
c) Accident Reimbursement Limit $25,000.00
Costs not insured by Provincial Medical Plan,
including Medical Braces, Ambulance,
Excess Physiotherapy, Prescription Drugs for the injury, etc.
d) Dental Accident Limit $10,000.00
e) Fracture Indemnity From $50 to $500

*Treatment under c) & d) must be completed within 52 weeks from date of each accident.
*Physiotherapy limited to $30 per visit with a maximum of $300 per accident
*Out of Country Travel (for sanctioned tournaments only)

Description of coverage contained herein is not complete and reference must be made to actual terms and conditions of the applicable policy forms.The insurer must receive notice of your accident within 30 days of the accident date, and receive claim documentation within 90 days. Expenses eligible under any other healthcare plan(s) must be submitted to that plan(s). Your sports accident policy will pay only the amount of the expenses that are not eligible with any other insurer.

To obtain a claim form please contact All Sport insurance Marketing Ltd (tel: 737-3018)