Goal Keeper Resources


This section is filled with session ideas and drills for our West Van Goal Keeper coaches. The Technical Lead for the Goal Keeper group will update the videos throughout the season so make sure to check back regularly.

WVFC Tech Department 

Warm ups

GK Warmup

GK warm up for 15 min, you can do 1 group or 2 groups depending how many Gks do you have, like the video shows. Appropriate for ages 11 and up.
GK fun warm up 15-20 min, add some movements before you attack the soccer ball. don`t be last speed reaction and awareness is the key. appropriate age 8-12 years old.
great dynamic warm up. U10-U18 ideal before start the practice.15-20 min.
A good pre grame warm up should be 20-25 min before the game. ideal for U13 and up.


GK Technical

great technique drill to improve Control and distribution (U13 and up)
easy ways to practice low dives, you can do it during practice or before a game.
simple and basic GK technique. Appropriate 8-13 years old.
excellent explanation about how to save a Breakaways 1v1 (Basic).
Great footwork drill including catching. U10-U15
fun GK tennis game (warm up) then great technique blocking drill
-warm up -Crosses and some reactions saves.
Fun Warm up for GKs. excellent goalkeeping passing, game situation playing from the back with GK. including stopping ball.
Great Technique to have a good goal kick


GK Finishing

How to cover the angles it`s the key to stop a shoot.
Excellent Shooting drill, Gks will work on positioning, reaction, diving and catching the ball. U13 and up


GK Games

Amazing Goalkeeper saves.