The Educated Parent

A user-friendly guide for every soccer parent.  

BC Soccer’s “The Educated Parent” document was been designed to assist parents to support their children’s needs in the development within the game.

Need a Tax Credit Receipt?

Go to registration and then "season registration" Click on any link to the registration page, next to the login you will see some items in Blue. The bottom one is the link to the Tax Credit Receipt  

Player Placement

How do I get feedback on my player's placement? During the soccer season contact your age group technical director. At team formation in June if you have questions or concerns contact the registrar at Your question will be passed on to the person most suited to answer  

Boys and Girls U11 to u18

West Van Soccer no longer has tryouts, therefore we place players based on input from the previous season's coach, the age group technical director and input from our scouts who assess players during the season at games, at "in Club" series and team practises. When placing players at the Development level Bu9, Bu10, Bu11 and Gu11) and at Gold and Silver at U12 and up, we take into consideration skill level and also attitude and attendance at games and practises.

Sometimes when there are not enough players at one age level, we have to combine players with a team at an older age level or alternatively form a waitlist. We prefer to get players onto a team, rather than letting them wait for a spot at their correct age level that may never materialize.

The maximum number of players allowed to register on a team by BC Soccer is eighteen at u11 to u16 and twenty at u17 and U18.

Playing "Up" Policy

Players may apply to the Technical Director to "play up"  
Players may be allowed by the Technical Director to "play up". There are a few reasons why this may be considered and allowed:

1. If a player's playing skill is above his/her age level and the Technical staff feel that the player would benefit from playing up a year and this decision does not impact a "correct age" player.
2. If an age group is short of players and the age group below has too many players, the decision may be made to move players "up" to fill out the team. 
3. If a player is in a school grade level above their age group and wants to play with their school friends. This will only be considered if this does not impact a "correct age" player to play at their correct level.

If you feel that any of the reasons above apply to your player please contact Jammer at

Club Contact Information

Want to know who to contact if you have a question or concern. The list below will point you in the right direction. For email addresses and phone numbers see "contact us" and "club contacts" or click on the link below  
In order to provide support for our team coaches and managers and to improve communication between team officials and Club Directors and staff, we would like to provide you with some information and guidelines on WVSC communication. The following list of Directors and staff, along with their specific areas of responsibility, should be used to determine which Club official coaches and managers contact for information and assistance. Contact emails are under "contact us" :

Age Group Coordinators -Distribution of Team Lists, Player Movement, League Schedule and Rules, Club Policies, Uniforms
Gym Coordinator  - Gym practice times for U7 and U8
Fields Director -Game and Practice Field Scheduling
Equipment ordering and Distribution of equipment and uniforms
Technical Director/Asst Tech Director -Technical Coaching Advice and Support
Registrar and Academy Admin - Club and Academy Registration Enquiries, Withdrawals and Refunds
TBAReferee No Shows

If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact your Age Group Coordinator (AGC). Most questions or concerns can be addressed by AGCs. If they cannot provide you with an answer they will forward any questions or concerns to the appropriate Club official.

Please DO NOT go directly to our Technical Department for concerns regarding your team. Our Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director are available to provide you with technical advice and support only. Although our staff coaches might have a sympathetic ear for your situation, ultimately they are not the people who can assist you in most cases. We do not want to discourage open relationships amongst our Club members and officials, but in order for us to work as efficiently as possible we need everyone to adhere to these guidelines.

All Club officials, including AGCs, are listed on the WVSC web site Click here for all current WVSC contact information.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. 

Ruth Burr