Field Equipment

Equipment Notices

If you have any questions concerning uniforms, balls, or other soccer equipment issues, please contact WVSC Equipment Manager, Clark De Boer.He can be contacted at 604-924-2063 or email:  




1)  Storage Boxes


There are storage boxes at most fields.  For Divisional teams they are stocked with Corner Flags, Nets, a Liner and Whiting.  For other teams there may be nets only. The general access key unlocks the padlock. For some boxes a chain is used as part of the locking system.  If a chain is used tighten it as much as possible using the padlock. No slack in the chain it is a safety issue.


When putting things away do not put the nets on the bags of whiting-especially if they are wet. Damp whiting bags break or turn hard.  Do not put sticks in the liners- report problems to me.


The storage boxes are green Hydro boxes located as follows:


Eagle Harbour- West end-north door

Cypress Park- North east corner behind the baseball scoreboard- north door

Caulfeild- Southwest corner

West Bay- West end east door

Irwin Park- North east corner

P.J.-South east corner has a chain

Ridgeview- Far west side on 13th

H- North west corner has a chain

B- South side by the dugout

D and E- South east end of D- Corner flags for D and E, some cable ties and tape

F- Use H, in a pinch use the storage room in the cinder block building..  The door is next to the equipment storage  (with all the whiting on the ground in front of it. Liner, flags, nets and whiting. This room must be kept locked at ALL TIMES as there is lots of equipment in it.


2) Padlocks


Whenever you, a manager, or a parent unlocks a padlock, whether on a storage box or the chain for a goal, please immediately re-lock the padlock.  We lose numerous padlocks each year.  It is an unnecessary  expense.  Where they go I don’t know.  Into pockets, left hanging open, put on the ground???


3) Goals


Apart from B, D, E, F  H, Irwin Park , Ridgeview and West Bay ,which are permanently anchored, the goals are to be put away.  The rule is, if there is not a team on the field ready to play when your game is over, the goals get locked away! It doesn’t matter if the schedule shows a team playing later that day.  Their game may be moved or cancelled.


This is a safety issue. Every year children are killed by being struck on the head by goals being tipped over onto them.  Most fields with moveable goals are school fields with children playing on them during the week.  Children climb the goals as play- that’s when tragedy occurs.  As a coach or manager you may be personally responsible for those injuries.


When locking a goal away the face of the goal is to be put tight up against the fence and the chain is to be as tight as possible.

Failure to follow this procedure may result in the loss of your teams privilege to use the fields and as worst case scenario may result in the loss of the use of all school fields to the Club. You do want to be talking to me after I’ve had a principal phone me about soccer equipment left on their field from the weekend.


Do not allow your players to hang off the goals, doing chin-ups or whatever. They’re not built for it.


4)  Practice Goals on D and E


These too must be locked away. Again if the team practicing after you does not specifically tell you they will be responsible for putting the goals away then you must do so.  The goals are locked away in the bays at the north and south ends of each field. The bays along the west sideline of D and east sideline of E are for field hockey goals.


Field hockey goals are not to be used for practice.  First, they aren’t ours and secondly, they can’t take the punishment. Hard hit soccer balls destroy them- at a minimum it causes plywood to be put on our new turf.


5) Corner flags on D and E


There are a whole new set of corner flags on D and E. They have weighted bases.  Please report any damaged or missing flags and I’ll replace them.  The first West Van team puts them up and the last team takes them down.  If the team following you is not a West Van team they supply their own.  They are stored in the brown box in the south east corner of D.  (Psst- We do not lock this box-its too much of a hassle- but don't tell anyone!). Many WVSC executives drive by Ambleside ( and the other fields) regularly and woe is you if they see corner flags or other equipment left out.  We all have the schedules and know who the last West Van team was on the field.


6) Rutledge Field


No cleats.


7) Helpful Hints


Have a roll of duct tape and some twine in your coaches bag to make emergency repairs when needed.


The nets on the goals may need to be mounted inside the goal rather than around the outside (over the back bars).  For some reason net manufacturers will make the nets too small for the goals.


8) Contact


Any problems with goals or other equipment at the field contact Matt at .  Please report any equipment deficiencies asap. We will not be able to fix it immediately but will do our best