Field Equipment

Equipment Notices

If you have any questions concerning uniforms, balls, or other soccer equipment issues, please contact WVFC Email  
1)  Storage Boxes
There are storage boxes at most fields in WV.  For Divisional teams they are stocked with Corner Flags, Nets, a Liner and Whiting (if needed).  For other teams there may be nets only. The general access key unlocks the padlock.
The storage boxes are green Hydro boxes located as follows:
P.J.-South east corner has a chain
Ridgeview- Far west side on 13th
West Bay- West end east door
Irwin Park- North east corner
B- South side by the dugout
D and E- South east end of D- Corner flags for D and E, some cable ties and tape
F – Use box on gravel field
Eagle Harbour- West end-north door
Cypress Park- North east corner behind the baseball scoreboard- north door
Caulfeild- Southwest corner
2) Padlocks
Whenever you (coach), a manager, or a parent unlocks a padlock, whether on a storage box or the chain for a goal, please immediately re-lock the padlock.  We lose numerous padlocks each year.  It is an unnecessary  expense.
3) Goals
Goals to be are to be put away after use. The rule is, if there is not a team on the field ready to play when your game is over, the goals get locked away. 
This is a safety issue as most fields with moveable goals are school fields. 
4)  Practice Goals on D and E
These too must be locked away after use. Field hockey goals are not to be used for practice.
5) Corner flags on D and E
 The first West Van team puts them up each Sat/Sun and the last team takes them down and puts them away (either in the changing room or outside the soccer office door.
6) Rutledge Field
No cleats.
7) Contact
Any problems with goals or other equipment email  Please report any equipment deficiencies ASAP. We will not be able to fix it immediately but will do our best.