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Dear WVFC Volunteer,

Thank you for choosing to be a participating member of our soccer club. As you probably know, we are a non-profit soccer organization, so it is people like you who enable us to provide a great soccer experience for our players. All adults who work with children in our organization are required to submit to a Criminal Records Check, and we are now a part of the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP), which enables our volunteers to submit for their checks online at no cost. The Criminal Records Check must be completed every 3 years, so if you are receiving this email you are either new as a volunteer, or another CRC is required in order for you to continue as a volunteer. We encourage you to complete this online application as soon as possible to ensure you will have clearance when the season begins in just a few short weeks.

When you go to the CRRP application online there will be a few questions that you will need to answer in order to prove your identity. Your responses are private and will not be delivered to our club. We will only receive the CRC result. Please use the following information to access the online CRRP Criminal Records Check.

Please note upon completion of your Criminal Record Check (CRC), Risk Management & Code Of Conduct you will be eligible to coach or manage with in our Club.

We are mandated by BC Soccer Association to have all volunteers complete a CRC.

The purpose of requiring the volunteers to go through the CRC process is to give the Club assurance that its volunteers do not have criminal history that would be of concern when having direct contact with children.

Should you be required to submit finger prints, please submit your receipt to Ruth Burr at

Upon completion of your cleared finger prints, the Club will gladly reimburse the cost.

Online Link:

Access Code; WT9RARKWJL

Once again, thank you for being a valued WVFC volunteer this season.

Criminal Records Check NEW

Criminal record check is now ran by the Ministry of Justice and it's an online process  

Criminal record check is now ran by the Ministry of Justice  and it's an online process ( except if they require your fingerprints then you need to go down to west van police station  and pay  $22 and have them electronically scan you hands )


For more information contact  Ministry of Justice /security programs /criminal record  review program   1-855-587-0185  



What if I am asked for fingerprints

If you are asked to give fingerprints and you are a WV resident, the hours of operation at the WVPD are: WVPD Finger Printing Tuesday 9-11am Thursday 3-4:30pm