Criminal Record Check

CRC Policy and Volunteer Information

CRRP Link and Code for Volunteers  

Dear WVFC Volunteer,

All volunteers are required to fill out a Criminal Record Check (CRC).  These checks must be done every three years to meet BC Soccer's requirements.  The application process is typically very easy and takes approximately 3-4 minutes to complete. If you are younger than 18, please do NOT apply for a CRC and email with your full legal name and date of birth.


There are two ways to fill out the application this year:

The fastest is by using the BC Services Card App - if you have already downloaded the App and your identity has been verified, then this is the quickest way to apply.  If you are NOT using the BC Services Card App then you can still apply using Option 2.


Option 1:  the application process with your BC Services Card App is typically very simple and takes 3-4 minutes to complete.  Please have your mobile device with the BC Services Card App already downloaded and completely set up (you should have previously received an email from BC Services Card after you went through the verification process telling you that "Your mobile card is set up and ready to use").  Here's the link to the application site along with the Access Code.  You will need the Access Code to start the application.

Online Link:      Access Code:  WT9RARKWJL

Please email if you have any troubles with your application.  


Option 2:  if you have NOT downloaded the BC Services Card App, then you must go through a different process that requires you to have both your Driver’s License and Social Insurance Number ready for the application.  Here's the link to that application site along with the Access Code.  

Online Link:    Access Code:  WT9RARKWJL

Please email: if you have any troubles with your application.


Thank you for helping out our children, and I wish you all the best for this season!

Ruth Burr

President, West Van FC

What if I am asked for fingerprints?

If you are asked to give fingerprints and you are a West Van resident, you will need to go to the West Vancouver Police Department to have this done.  Finger printing hours:

Tuesday 9-11am
Thursday 3-4:30pm

The Cost to have this done is $22.