Ethics, Conduct & Safety

Conduct, Ethics and Discipline

The Following link will take you to BC Soccer's Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards and Policy Manual: CSA Code of Conduct and Ethics

Protecting Children, youth and adults

West Van FC takes the safety and well being of our members very seriously.  Whenever there is a club related concern regarding a player, staff member or club member, please contact Leo Nash:, or Jen Towert:
West Van FC's Code of Conduct to Protect Children can be accessed with this link: Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Guidelines for Appropriate/Inappropriate Conduct between Adults/Adolescents and Children:  

Reporting Inappropriate Conduct (taken from Commit to Kids program): Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse: Policy to Report Suspected Child Abuse

Anti-Bullying Policy: West Van FC Anti-Bullying Policy