Club Awards

Lifetime Members

Awarded to administrators in recognition of their

outstanding service to the Club and its players.

Bob Houston2001Rob Lennox2001
Ken Savage2001Eric Keller2005
Bob Sloman2005Bill Sparling2005
Claudia Sparling2005Bob Walker2005
Julie Walker2005Kerry LeGree2006
Rob Inman2007Bill Woods2008
Mark Steven2009Colin Millar2010
Mairi Lennox2011Garry Fawley2011
Andy Bramley 2016Haleh Alexander2021
Steve Dewar 2021Dave Hargreaves2021
Jonathan Fisher2023

Roll Call

WVFC is Proud to Present: ROLL CALL
BCCSL League Champions
GU18 Rangers - Metro

Provincial A Cup Champions
GU16 Rangers - Metro
GU17 Rangers - Metro
GU18 Rangers - Metro

Provincial B Cup Champions
BU18 Spuraways 

BCCSL League Champions
GU16 Rangers - Metro
GU17 Rangers - Metro
GU18 Rangers - Metro

BU18 Rangers - Metro

League Cup Champions
GU17 United - Div 2
GU16 Wildcats - Div 3
BU17 Rovers - Div 2
BU16 Spuraways - Div 2
BU13 Rovers - Div 2

BCCSL Divisional Champions
BU17 Rovers
GU18 United


Due to Covid-19 there were no league or provincial competitions
 Metro League Winner
 GU15 Rangers
 Metro Women's Soccer League
 WVFC United - Div 2 winners
 League Cup Winners
 BU13 Rovers
 BU14 Rovers
 BU15 Rovers
 BU16 Rovers
 BU18 Strikers
 GU14 Wildcats
 GU15 Wildcats
 GU16 United
 Div. 2 and 3 League Champions Winners
 BU18 Strikers League Championship champions
 BU15 Rovers
 GU15 Wildcats **
 BU14 Rovers
 BU13 Rovers
 Provincial Cup Winner 2018
 GU14 Rangers
 Provincial Cup Winner 2018
 BU14 Rangers
 Provincial Cup Winner 2018
 BU18 Rangers
 BCCSL Metro League Winner
 GU14 Rangers
 BCCSL Metro League Winner
 GU15 Rangers
 BCCSL BU14 Div 2 League Winner
 BU14 Spuraways
 BCCSL BU15 Div 1 League Winner
 BU15 Spuraways
 BCCSL BU15 Div 3 League Winner
 BU15 Rovers
 North Shore District B Cup Champion
 GU18 United
 Coastal A Cup Winner
 GU14 Rangers
 Coastal B Cup Winner
 GU18 United
2017-18BC Provincial A Cup Champions-2017
 GU13 MSL Rangers
 Metro Soccer League Champions
 BU18 MSL Rangers
 Metro Soccer League Champions
 BU14 MSL Rangers
 BC Coastal A Cup Champions
 GU13 MSL Rangers
 Divisional Boys Silver Cup Winners
 BU18 United
 Silver 2 Cup Winners
 BU15 Rovers
2016-17Provincial A Cup Champions
 GU13 MSL Rangers
 Provincial A Cup Finalists
 BU16 MSL Rangers
 BC Coastal A Cup Champions
 U15 MSL Rangers
 BC Coastal A Cup Champions
 BU16 MSL Rangers
 Commonwealth Cup Finalists
 BU14 Rovers
 Commonwealth Cup Champions
 BU15 Strikers
 Commonwealth Cup Champions
 BU16 Spuraways
 Commonwealth Cup Champions
 BU16 Strikers
 Burrard Cup Finalist
 BU13 Pumas
 North Shore Silver Cup Champions
 BU16 Spuraways
 BU13 Silver 2 League Winner
 BU13 Rovers
 BU15 Silver 2 League Winner
 BU15 Strikers
 BU16 Silver A League Winner
 BU16 Spuraways
 BU16 Silver 2 League Winner
 BU16 Strikers
 Mark Steven Scholarship
 BU18 Spuraways: Amir Majlesi
 GU18 Wildcats: Maya Koblanski
 WVSC Scholarship Award
 BU18 Celtics: Spencer William Loren
 GU18 Wildcats: Emily Carlington
2015-16Provincial A Cup Champions
 GU15 MSL Rangers
 MSL League Champions
 GU16 Rangers
 North Shore Silver Cup Champions
 BU16 Strikers
 North Shore Silver Cup Champions
 BU17 Strikers
 North Shore Silver Cup Champions
 BU18 Storm
 Commonwealth Cup Champions
 BU16 Strikers
 Commonwealth Cup Champions
 BU13 Rovers
 Mark Steven Memorial Scholarship
 Mark Longhurst
 Kelsey Winters
 West Vancouver Soccer Club Scholarship Award
 Estan Chapur
 Holly Dye
 Provincial Coastal Cup Champions:
 GU 15 Rangers
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 GU 13 United
 4 District League Champions:
 BU 13 Eagles
 NS Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 13 Strikers
 BU 15 Pirates
 BCCGSL League Champions:
 GU 15 Strikers
 GU 15 Thunder
 GU 13 United
 MSL League Champions:
 GU 15 Rangers
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 GU 15 G1 Spuraways
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 15 B2 Celtic
 Burrard Cup Champions:
 BU 15 B2 Celtic
 Girls BCCGSL League Champions:
 GU 13 Div2 United
 GU 15 Div2 Wildcats
 GU 16 Div2 Strikers
 GU 15 Div1 Spuraways
 GU 17 Div6 Lightning
 GU 18 Div2 Fusion
 GU 18 Div5A Strikers
 Girls BCCGSL District Representatives:
 GU 13 Div2 United
 GU 14 Div2 Black Cats
 GU 16 Div2 Strikers
 MSL League MVP:
 Samuel Boppart - BU 14 Rangers
 Brendan Timm - BU 18 Rangers
 MacKenzie Brandy - GU 13 Rangers
 Alexa Bossley - GU 14 Rangers
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 15 G1 Spuraways
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 14 B3 Celtic
 BU 17 S1 Strikers
 Burrard Cup Champions:
 BU 14 B3 Celtic
 Gold Cup Champions:
 BU 12 G1 Spuraways
 Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 12 G3 Saints
 BU 13 S2 Pirates
 BU 17 S1 Strikers
 BU 18 S1 Eagles
 Community Cup Champions:
 BU 11 Eagles
 Girls BCCSL League Champions:
 GU 13 Div4 Black Cats
 GU 14 Div8 Eagles
 GU 15 Div1 Spuraways
 GU 17 Div 6 Lightning
 GU 18 Div2 Fusion
 GU 18 Div5A Strikers
2011-12Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 17 G1 Spuraways
 Provincial A Cup Coastal Cup Champions:
 GU 16 Rangers
 Provincial B Cup Coastal Cup Champions:
 BU 17 G1 Spuraways
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 14 G2 United
 BU 17 G1 Spuraways
 Commonwealth Cup Champions:
 BU 14 S1 Storm
 Burrard Cup Champions:
 BU 15 B Whitecaps
 BU 16 B Mustangs
 Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 15 S1 Eagles
 BU 16 S1 Strikers
 BU 17 S1 Eagles
 Community Cup Champions:
 GU 12 Unicorns
 BU 11 The Titans
 BU 15 B Whitecaps
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 13 B Dynamite
 BU 14 S Storm
 BU 14 B Sonics
 BU 14 B Whitecaps
 BU 17 G1 Spuraways
 Girls BCCSL League Champions:
 GU 16 S1 Caps
2010-11Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 17 Gold Spuraways
 Provincial B Coastal Cup Champions:
 GU 15 G1 Spuraways
 GU 13 S1 Lightning
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 17, 16, 15 & 14 Gold Spuraways
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 18, 17, 16 & 15 Gold Spuraways
 BU 13 S2 Storm
 BU 13 B2 Sonics
 BU 14 B2 Whitecaps
 Pioneer Cup Champions:
 BU 18/17 G2 Spuraways
 Commonwealth Cup Champions:
 BU 13 S2 Storm
 Burrard Cup Champions:
 BU 13 B2 Sonics
 Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 18 S1 Strikers
 BU 17 S1 Storm
 BU 15 S1 Strikers
 Community Cup Champions:
 BU 11 United
 Girls BCCSL League Champions:
 GU 17 S3 Fury
 GU 15 G1 Spuraways
 GU 15 S2 Caps
 GU13 S1 Lightning
 GU 13 S3 Strikers
2009-10Provincial B Coastal Cup Champions:
 BU 14 G Spuraways
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 17 G Spuraways, BU 15 G Spuraways & BU 14 G Spuraways
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 16 S1 Cyclones, BU 15 G Spuraways & BU 14 G Spuraways
 Pioneer Cup Champions:
 BU 15 G Spuraways
 Commonwealth Cup Champions:
 BU 13 S1 Eagles
 Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 16 S1 Cyclones
 Community Cup Champions:
 GU 12 S Blue Lightning
 Super 8v8 Champions:
 BU 12 B Sonics
2008-09Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 18 G Spuraways
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 18 G Spuraways, BU 15 G Spuraways & BU 14 G Spuraways
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 18 G Spuraways, BU 13 S2 Strikers & BU 14 B Rockets
 Pioneer Cup Champions:
 BU 14 G Spuraways & BU 13 G1 Spuraways
 Commonwealth Cup Champions:
 BU 15 S1 Cyclones
 Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 14 S1 Strikers
 Community Cup Champions:
 BU 17 B Cyclones & BU 11 Grizzlies
 GU 11 Tigers
 Coastal Classic Silver Cup Champions:
 GU 15 S Lightning
 Girls 5 District League Champions:
 GU 17 G2 Wild & GU 15 G1 Quest
2007-08Provincial B Coastal Cup Champions:
 BU 17 G2 Spuraways
 Silver Cup Champions:
 BU 18 S1 Rebels & BU 14 S2 Terminators
 Commonwealth Cup Champions:
 BU 13 S1 Strikers & BU 14 S2 Terminators
 Burrard Cup Champions:
 BU 18 B Cheetahs & BU 14 B2 Jets
 District Provincial B Cup Champions:
 BU 17 G2 Spuraways. BU 15 G1 Spuraways & BU 13 S1 Strikers
 GU 17 G Fury & GU 14 G Quest
 Community Cup Champions:
 GU 12 SA Jaguars & GU 12 SB Thunderbolts
 BU 11 Dragons
 Girls 5 District League Champions:
 GU 17 G2 Fury, GU 16 G2 Wild, GU 14 SB Sunwaves,
 GU 13 SA Strikers & GU 13 SB Rockets
 Boys 4 District League Champions:
 BU 18 G1 Spuraways, BU 18 B Cheetahs & BU 13 G1 Spuraways

WVFC Adult Teams - Roll Call


WVSC is Proud to Present: ROLL CALL

 2019WVFC Premier - Imperial Cup Champions
 B Team - Div 3 Winners
2018WVFC Premier -Imperial Cup Champions
WVFC U21's
League Champions
League Cup Champions
2017WVFC U21's
Provincial Cup Champions
League Cup Champions
2016WVFC U21's - League Cup Champions
         Adult Women
2015WVFC Allstars – Division 3 League Winner
 Provincial Cup Champions
 Provincial Cup MVP - Hudson Nelles
 VMSL U21 League Cup Winners
 VMSL U21 League Cup MVP - Evan Libke
2014VMSL League 2nd Place
 Provincial Cup Semi-Finalists
2013VMSL League Cup Finalists
 Provincial Cup Finalists
2012VMSL League Winners
 VMSL League Cup Winners
 Premier Team
2015VMSL Premier League Champions
 Imperial Cup Champions
 Imperial Cup Final MVP - Leo Nash
2014VMSL League Winners
2013Provincial Cup Finalists
2011Imperial Cup Winners
2009National Championships
 Provincial Cup Winners
 Imperial Cup Winners
2008VMSL League Winners
 Provincial Cup Winners
2011National Champions
 Provincial Champions
2010VMSL League Winners
 Flying Horses
2012VMSL League Champions
2011VMSL League Champions
2010VMSL League Champions
 North Shore Coaches Summer League 6 years in a row

Keith Stott Memorial Award

This award is named in memory of Keith Stott who passed away in 1990. His children continue to play and referee with the WVFC club through their graduation from high school.

Keith was a passionate soccer Coach who loved the beautiful game. Keith's first goal was the encouragement of the players. He always managed to find positive comments, even in the most difficult situations for his players.

Throughout his coaching career he always focused on his players, explaining the game and options to them and always put them and their confidence before the result. Keith also helped develop the skills of many coaches.

This perpetual trophy is awarded annually to a deserving WVSC coach who has upheld Keith's standards. 

1990 - Keith Stott
1991 - Bruce Matthews
1992 - Colin Spence
1993 - Tom Fetterley
1994 - Ron Maitland
1995 - Ken Savage
1996 - Soren Hammerberg
1997 - Peter Buckley
1998 - Eric Keller
1999 - Bruce Rothdram
2001 - Bob Walker
2002 - Rob Inman
2003 - Rick Gruneau
2004 - Ernie Bodie
2005 - Rob Lennox
2006 - Doug Martin
2007 - Bill Woods
2008 - Dave Sweeney
2009 - Andrew Atkins
2010 - Paul Crofts
2011 - Steve Dewar
2012 - John Lecky
2013 - Jack MacNeill
2014 - Daniel Millar
2015 - Dave Hargreaves
2016 - Chris McBride
2017 - Alex Sashaw
2018 - Jon Bracken
2019 - Chris Chan
2020 - Nils Blomberg
2023 - Jonathan Fisher

Gayle Fetterley Memorial Award


Manager of the Year

This award is a perpetual award given for the first time in 2003/04. It is named in honour of Gayle Fetterley, a long-time, hard-working volunteer with the West Vancouver Football Club.
Gayle was involved in the Club for many years as a team manager and as a Board member. Gayle and her mother, Dorothy, are probably best known as the 'hot dog ladies' on Friday mornings at the Fun in the Sun soccer camps. Gayle, Dorothy and her late father, Harold was always on the sidelines at the Fetterley boys' games. Gayle died suddenly and unexpectedly in April 1999. The Club wishes to honour her memory by recognizing an outstanding manager who has exhibited a strong commitment to his or her team and to the goals of the West Vancouver Soccer Club.
The perpetual trophy will be inscribed with the winner's name and will be held for one year. The winner will also receive a small plaque to keep as a memento.

2004 - Louise Newman
2005 - Cindy MacLean
2006 - Carole Gannon
2007 - Dave Pearce
2008 - Leslie Shuparski
2009 - Barb Pearce
2010 - Jan Guenther
2011 - Deanne Arnott
2012 - Sally Cameron
2013 - Ruth Burr
2014 - Sandra Strang
2015 - Heather Moffat
2016 - Lisa Richardson
2017 - Holly Alexander
2018 - Shannon Smith
2019 - Sophie Ukani
2020 - Carolyn Wallner
2021 - Connie Domries
2022 - Karl Buhr 
2023 - Lisa Verdicchio 

Safiya Mawani Memorial Award


Awarded to a Girls U11 player who exemplifies Sportsmanship, determination and Positive Attitude

Safiya enjoyed many sports and one of her favorites was the game of soccer. She loved the teamwork and social aspect of the game, especially working together towards the same goal and being supported by great coaches. Playing soccer really helped her gain her confidence and build great friendships.

Whether it was winning or losing a game, Safiya’s reaction was always the same; a great big smile on her face.  Safiya always tried to do her best and applied this positive attitude to whatever she did. We learned a lot from her .

The Safiya Mawani Memorial Award will be awarded annually to a player  at the Girls  U11 age group who best exemplifies Safiya’s qualities of sportsmanship, determination, and positive attitude.

2015Zoe Laxton
2016Ishita Mathur
2017Jaden Reisen
2018Carys Fraser
2019Chloe Shaw
2020Parinaz Mansour
2021Amelia Kutlubay
2022Esti Lorence
2023 Brooklyn Hudson

Erin Moore Memorial Award


Awarded to a GU12 player who exemplifies Bravery, Courage and Individuality

On December 21st of 2014, the WVSC lost one of its brightest lights.  Erin Kate Moore was doing what she loved, being outside hiking on the North Shore Mountains, when she was fatally injured in a rock slide.

She was not with our club for very long, but she loved playing with her West Van GU8 Yellow Stars team.  She was happiest outdoors and naturally athletic:  a true West Van girl.

She embraced her teammates as a wonderful friend, played passionately, all the while encouraging fair play on the field.

The Erin Moore Memorial Award will be awarded annually to a player at the Girl’s U12 age group who best exemplifies Erin’s qualities of bravery, courage and individuality.

2015Mia MacNair
2016Natalie Brown
2017Rio Trotzuk
2018Sophia Sutherland
2019Sydney Conbere
2020Maya Hood
2021Estelle Joel
2022  Amelia Kutlubay
2023 Nika Torabi

Bob McGowan Memorial Award


Most Sportsmanlike U13 Player

The parents of Bob McGowan donated this trophy to the West Vancouver Soccer Club in the spring of 1956 in memory of their son Bob who died in 1946. Bob had been a member of the Irwin Park Rangers soccer team at the time of his death.

When Bob's teammates were in their twenties, one of their strongest memories of Bob was that he "possessed all the qualities of good sportsmanship". This award was established as an example for all the lads to follow in their future.

The Bob McGowan Award is a perpetual award given annually to a WVSC U13 player who best exemplifies good sportsmanship.

1956 - Barry Hall
1957 - Johnny Johnston
1958 - John Humphries
1959 - John Denniston
1960 - Dennis Harrington
1961 - Ken Ralf
1963 - Jack Chaykoski
1964 - Bruce Hill
1965 - Don Sharp
1966 - Alan Twigg
1967 - George Prevost
1968 - Ken Huntingford
1969 - Chris Thomson
1970 - Gary Owen
1971 - Martin Ferries
1974 - Alan English
1975 - Edward Mitchell
1976 - Gordon Matthews
1977 - G. Bakewell, M. Burian, D. Terry
1978 - Kevin Colbow
1979 - Andy Holtzman
1980 - Jason Troll
1981 - Ian Giles
1982 - Patrick Poyner
1983 - Shane Carphin
1985 - Rachel Meredith
1986 - Chris James
1987 - Jonathan Greyell
1988 - Mark Vu
1989 - Marc Young
1993-94 - Alanna Maguire
1994-95 - Tobin Hammerberg
1995-96 - Jenna Dunnett
1996-97 - James Miles
1997-98 - Matthew Stevenson
1998-99 - Ellen Williams
1999-00 - Caitlan MacLean
2000-01 - Braden Hall
2001-02 - Jake Brownlie
2002-03 - Michael Malloon
2003-04 - Laura Ryan
2004-05 - Grady Krohman
2005-06 - Chelsea Cameron
2006-07 - Brianna Cameron
2007-08 - Julia Hawkins
2008-09 - Michael Spouge
2009-10 - Samuel Rodriguez
2010-11 - Jag Sun
2011-12 - Alistair Noble
2012-13 - Zia Mawanee
2013-14 - Andrea Raidl
2014-15 - Matthew Kaye
2015-16 - Alex Lund
2016-17 - Portia Tammen
2017-18 - Adam Cline
2018-19 - Samantha Green
2019-20 - Babak Nowtash
2020-21 - Adam Greyell and Diana Shimizu
2021-22 - Jacob Holmes
2022-23 - Victor Colotla

Max Lennox Memorial Award


Most Inspirational U17 Leader

This award was initiated by the Lennox family in memory of their father, Max Lennox, who passed away in 1995. Max was a player, coach, Club Director, spectator and soccer supporter in West Vancouver for many years.

This award is presented annually to a WVSC GU17 AND BU17 player who demonstrates the qualities of inspirational leadership by putting the team first before him/herself both on and off the field, while incorporating sportsmanship, fair play and respect for officials, opponents, spectators and the game along the way.

This perpetual trophy is inscribed with the winner's name and is held by the recipient for one year. The winners receive small

GU17    BU17
1995-96 Jani Haysom    1995-96 Logan Doodson
1996-97 Sarah Calla    1996-97 Sirban Dobrinescu
1997-98 Maggie Jackson    1997-98 Philip Ayriss
1998-99 Mariel Solsberg    1998-99 Matt Walker
1999-00 Lisa Buch    1999-00 Daniel Millar
2000-01 Sioned Dyer    2000-01 James Miles
2001-02 Keri Brothers    2001-02 John Tynan
2002-03 Mika Hemphil    2002-03 Anders Hammerberg
2003-04 Karmen DeCamillis    2003-04 Lucas Harle
2004-05 Kelsey McLeod    2004-05 Stuart Cowan
2005-06 Lauren Cotter    2005-06 Will Ives
2006-07 Brooke Milne    2006-07 Charlie Clark
2007-08 Celina Wise    2007-08 Jeffrey Rothdram
2008-09 Nikki Howes    2008-09 Giles Klaver
2009-10 Steff Strong    2009-10 Brayden Sander
2010-11 Brianna Cameron    2010-11 Nathan Clement
2011-12 Nicole Cheung    2011-12 Matthew Rosen
2012-13 Tania Hulscher    2012-13 Ryan Ritson
2013-14 Hannah Richardson    2013-14 Nate Yuzpe
2014-15 Natalie Marshall
   2014-15 Derek Langford
2015-16 Erika Calaycay    2015-16 Shayan Keshvadi
2016-17 Alexa Bossley    2016-17 Daniel Alexander
2017-18 Kristen Chan    2017-18 Leon Stubley
2018-19 Jessica Mackenzie    2018-19 Noah Edmunds
2019-20 Yasmine Alghabi    2019-20 Jake Neal
2020-21 Sarah Murray    2020-21 Roark Boehnke
2021-22 Kiera Williams    2021-22 Kai Maniwa Brodie
2022-23 Clara Fiorvento    2022-23 Jose Sanchez

Morgan Backhouse Memorial Award


Most Dedicated U15 Player

This trophy was provided to the West Vancouver Soccer Club by the U15 West Vancouver Kicks. It was presented in honour of their teammate, Morgan Backhouse, who was killed in a tragic accident in Stanley Park in 1985.

It is presented to a WVSC U15 male or female player, who, in the opinion of a committee and based on the recommendation of the coaches, is judged the "Most Dedicated Under 15 Player".

This award is a perpetual trophy inscribed with the winner's name and held by the recipient for a period of one year. The winner is given a small plaque as a memento.

1985-86 - David Wai
1986-87 - Kirk Gamley
1987-88 - Scott Barker
1988-89 - Daniel Monk
1990-91 - Ben Jesson
1992-93 - James Possee
1993-94 - Kelly Handford
1994-95 - Sean McPhee
1995-96 - Matt Walker
1996-97 - Andrea Lennox
1997-98 - Stephanie Falls
1998-99 - Rebecca Johnstone
1999-00 - Sean Blancard
2000-01 - Marlo Hume
2001-02 - Caitlin MacLean
2002-03 - James McTaggart
2003-04 - Lily Close-Harmata
2004-05 - Nadar Falsafi
2005-06 - Jennifer Alderton
2006-07 - Robert Haslbeck
2007-08 - Josh Binfield
2008-09 - Maggie Kean
2009-10 - Stefhanie Del Gobbo
2010-11 - Marion Arnott
2011-12 - Raven Dennehy
2012-13 - Roderick Watts
2013-14 - Ben MacDonald
2014-15 - Adam Blukens
2015-16 - Logan Winters
2015-16 - Mackenzie McDonald
2016-17 - Nicolas Gutierrez
2016-17 - Jenna Rempel
2017-18 - Brett Turton
2017-18 - Colby Elson
2019-20 - Andrea Palafox Lerma
2020-21 - Caroline Ward
2021-22 - Anson Chen 
2022-23 - Daveigh Valleau
 2022-23 - Ryland Kerr

Nigel Lankester Memorial Award


Most Improved Team

This award was first presented in 1976 in memory of Nigel Lankester who was accidentally killed while working for his company, the Tree People. Nigel had been a fireman in West Vancouver for many years before starting his own business. The W.V.F.D. sponsored this award as a memorial to Nigel at the time of his death to commemorate Nigel's love of the game of soccer and his years of playing for the Club.

This award is presented annually to a Divisional Boys or Girls team showing the most improvement over the season. Team members share the original trophy for one year. Each team member also receives a small trophy to keep.

1975-76 - Tomahawks Div 2
1976-77 - Wanderers Div 2
1977-78 - Red Raiders Div 4
1978-79 - Blue Devils Div 1
1979-80 - Rowdies Div 1
1980-81 - West Van Florist
1981-82 - West Van Tigers
1982-83 - Centennial West Knights
1983-84 - Cougars U-16
1984-85 - Royal U-15
1985-86 - Cougars U-18
1986-87 - Raiders U-13
1987-88 - Spuraways BU-18
1988-89 - Strikers GU-18
1990-91 - Celtics U-16
1991-92 - Hotshots U-12
1993-94 - Raiders U-17
1994-95 - Devils U-13
1995-96 - Arsenal BU-17
1996-97 - Firebirds U-19 Silver
1997-98 - Bladerunners BU-16 Gold
1998-99 - Screamers GU 14 Silver B
1999-00 - Bluejays GU 16 Siler A
2000-01 - Devils GU 18 Gold
2001-02 - Fusion U 14 Gold
2002-03 - Screamers GU 18 Silver A
2003-04 - Wildcats GU 16 Silver A
2004-05 - Strikers U 18
2005-06 - Red Selects BU 13
2006-07 - Quest GU 13 Gold
2007-08 - Terminators BU 14 Silver 2
2008-09 - Strikers BU 13 Silver 2
2009-10 - Strikers BU 17 Silver 1
2010-11 - Caps GU 15 Silver 2
2011-12 - Whitecaps BU15 Bronze
2012-13 - Strikers BU17 Silver 1
2013-14 - Wave BU16 Bronze
2014-15 - Eagles BU13
2015-16 - Strikers - BU17 Silver A
2016-17 - Spuraways - BU16 Gold
2017-18 - Rovers - BU15 Bronze
2018-19- Spuraways - Bu15 Gold
2019-20 - GU14 Wildcats
2020-21 - GU13 Strikers
2021-22 - GU18 United 
2022-23 - BU16 Spuraways 

Michael Tan Memorial Award


Most Inspirational Mini Coach of the Year

This award is named in memory of Michael Tan who passed away suddenly as a result of a car crash on the Sea to Sky highway on Saturday April 16, 2005.

Michael was a dedicated WVSC coach, great community volunteer and a loving father, husband and friend. Jack MacNeill, Mike's assistant coach, described Michael as follows: "Mike was the heart and soul of the Eagles team whose dedication and enthusiasm had gone unmatched for years." Jack also states, Mike was "a healthy, positive role model that any young boy could look up to and model with pride and confidence." Finally, Mike "had great aspirations of seeing the team playing as a strong unit, having fun and encouraging each other to play to new heights." Above all, he wanted the Eagles to feel good about themselves and the team they represented.

This perpetual award will be presented yearly to a deserving Mini coach who has upheld Michael's standards. The trophy is inscribed with the winner's name and is held by the recipient for one year. The winner receives a small plaque to keep as a memento.

2006 - Garry Fawley
2007 - Sarah Ostler
2008 - Steve Maddess
2009 - Mark Vansickle
2010 - Faizal Esmail
2011 - Stefano Walker
2012 - Alistair MacCallum
2013 - George Reznik
2014 - Craig Kapeluch
2015 - Michael Sikich
2016 - Charlotte Feteke
2017 - Nick Laxton
2018 - Regan Mceachnie
2019 - Roger Kuypers
2020 - Steve Krilanovich
2021 - Ben Hudson
2022 - Dave Nelson 
2023 - Mark Bevan 

Mark Steven Memorial Award


Academic Ambition, Community Spirit and the love of the beautiful game of soccer

From a young age, Mark was committed to doing his best. This was demonstrated in his professional career as a lawyer and translated to the benefit of many others with his countless hours of volunteering in the West Vancouver community (Coaching, West Vancouver Sports Group, West Vancouver Soccer Club board member and the soccer disciplinary board.)

This education bursary of $2000 ($1000 each for one male and one female player) is presented annually to the male and female players who best display the following personal attributes that were so important in Mark's life.

"Academic Ambition, Community Spirit and love of the beautiful game of soccer"

The final Mark Steven Scholarships were awarded in 2019.

2013Female Player - Laura Smith
2013Male Player - Zachary Blakeman
2014Female Player - Ciara Brownlee
2014Male Player - Declan McGovern
2015Female Player - Vanessa Brownlee
2015Male Player - Jeff Kim
2016Female Player - Kelsey Winters
2016Male Player - Mark Longhurst
2017Female Player - Maya Koblanski
2017Male Player - Amir Majlesi
2018Female Player - Lisa Strang
2018Male Player - Jason Kim
2019Female Player - Mackenzie Longhurst
2019Male Player - Calum Dye

The West Van FC Scholarship Awards


Academic Ambition, Community Spirit and a love for the game of soccer

The West Van FC Scholarships of $2000 (two of $1000 each) are awarded to West Van FC graduating players, who are proceeding to a post secondary degree program and best displays the following attributes: " Academic Ambition, Community Spirit and a love for the game of soccer"

2013Stefanie del Gobbo
2013Alix Shuparski
2014Jesse Durrant
2014Myfannwy Pope
2015Shaney Kille
2015Sacha Berman
2016Estan Chapur
2016Holly Dye
2017Spencer William Loren
2017Emily Carlington
2018Kyle Kirkwood
2018Zia Mawani
2019Kristen Chan
2019Charlotte Hill
2020Stephanie Chow
2020Kyle Kim
2021  Kalina Mueller
2021 Kristopher Kirkwood
2022  Andrew Hamilton
2022 Ryan Issari
2023 Jake Hunter-Wee
2023 Jade Watson

Clark De Boer Scholarship

West Van FC lost an important member in Clark DeBoer. Clark was our West Vancouver Football Club equipment manager.  Clark’s positive influence on North Shore and West Vancouver Soccer goes back decades.  Clark’s North Shore Youth Soccer Association work included scheduling the Mini and House games for the District.  Clark also sat on the NSYSA Board and always stood up for what he thought was best for all youth.  For the WVFC, Clark used to be the event organizer and helped with tournaments and took care of all the trophies for our awards night, and he did whatever was needed to ensure North Shore and WVFC soccer ran smoothly.  

In honour of Clark, we proudly give two scholarships to players who have displayed scholastic excellence and a special dedication to West Van FC.

2020Emma Richardson
2020Brayden Dewar
2021 Henry Shapiro
2021  Maia Surtees
2022 Matthew Alexander
2022 Jack Buhr
2022 Reimi Shishido
2023 Isabella Kershaw
2023  Kate Haver

Daniel Southan-Dwyer Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to one West Van FC graduating player who will be attending a post secondary institution.  Applications for this scholarship will also be considered for the West Vancouver Football Club Scholarship and the Clark De Boer Memorial Scholarship.  Since this is the case, all applications should contain each of the requirements outlined in the aforementioned scholarships.  *An applicant's financial need may be considered when selecting the recipient for this scholarship.  Anyone wishing to be considered for the Daniel Southan-Dwyer Scholarship has the option of including how they plan to fund their education as part 6 of their application.

2022Mattias Wong
2023 Andrea Palafax Lerma

Lee Hester Memorial Award

This award commemorates Lee Hester and the tremendously positive impact that can be made on young players and their families by an outstanding youth soccer coach.

In 2017 Lee was diagnosed with a rare cancer and continued to coach his team. He did not miss a practice or game even when it was the only thing he did each week. Lee made his soccer team part of his community. He coached to build up each player and to create a team bond.

Soccer is a community sport that can be an avenue for self confidence, comradery and a positive influence for all youth.  This award is presented to a coach who demonstrates a focus on building community through their team and works to build each player up.  It is to highlight the efforts of a coach who sees the value in team and player, regardless of the score board.

2019Chris Chan
2020Nils Blomberg
2021Mohamed Mansour
2022  Roger Mizrach
2023 George Reznik