Academy Programs

Academy Mission Statement

Academy Mission Statement

To offer to our players enrichment programs that follow the Long Term Player Development Program in a nurturing, non competitive environment where players are allowed to develop at their own pace.

The Academy and its staff acknowledge that players develop at different ages. Although "Development" and "Streamed" teams are formed at U10 and up for boys and U11 and up for girls, a hard working player with the right attitude will always have the opportunity to move to the top level within our Club.

Wednesday "PLUS" Programs

"Plus" programs for the players in the "golden years" of soccer development. Plus program runs from September to February  

On Wednesdays (U9, U10, U11, U12 boys and U10, U11, and U12 girls) we invite players to participate in  PLUS programs. The players are those who the Club Professional Staff feel (with input from team coaches)  are at the stage of physical and mental maturity to benefit from extra training. Players of this age mature at different times so players will be constantly added to the program as they become "read

If a coach would like to recommend players from his/her team for the PLUS sessions, please contact Leo at