Guidelines and Policies

Rule of Two


The Coaching Association of Canada’s Rule of Two states that there will always be two screened and NCCP-trained
or certified coaches with an athlete in situations where the athlete is potentially vulnerable. One–on–one interactions
between a coach and an athlete, without another individual present, must be avoided in all circumstances
except medical emergencies.

Click on this link Rule of Two Guidelines to read the entire CSA Guideline.

Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Children

Guidelines for Adults
Interacting with Children in Sport

Sport offers incredible experiences and opportunities for children. These experiences are integral to communities and enhancing child development. Positive experiences are tied to healthy relationships between athletes and coaches, as well as to safe environments where there are clearly established guidelines for professional boundaries between adults
and children.

Click on the link Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Children in Sport to read the entire document.

Steps for Reporting Child Abuse

Reporting Child Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

What do you do if you have concerns about possible child sexual abuse?

When a person becomes aware that a child may be or has been abused, there is a legal and ethical responsibility to take action. The legal responsibility comes from child welfare legislation within each province and territory and may also be a duty of a person’s profession or workplace. The responsibility to report means that a person who has knowledge or information that a child is being or is at risk of being abused must report it to someone:

   →If the information relates to potential abuse of a child by the child’s parent or guardian, the person must report it to child welfare or police.
   →If the concern involves potential abuse by any other person, the individual should report it to the child’s parent or guardian and may also be obligated to report it to child welfare and/or police.

To read the complete document, click on Reporting Child Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

In the case that anyone knows or suspects a child is suffering from abuse, including that of a sexual nature, the following information can be helpful.

Code of Conduct to Protect Children in Sport

About this Code of Conduct to Protect Children

What is it?
This Child Protection Code of Conduct is a component of the Commit to Kids: Sport Edition– a supplementary resource of the Commit to Kids™ child sexual abuse prevention program. The objective of developing and implementing such a Code of Conduct is to help increase the safety of the children in your care. The Code of Conduct ultimately adopted by your organization should establish boundaries for all employees/volunteers in your organization interacting with children, assist individuals in identifying concerning behaviour, and clarify the steps they should take to address such behaviour. 

Click on this link to read the entire document: Code of Conduct to Protect Children in Sport

West Van FC Coach's Code of Conduct

Each West Van FC Coach is required to have read and signed the club's Coach's Code of Conduct.  This is done where coaches login on their own club account.  A copy of this form is here for reference.  If you have not signed your form, please do so.

WVFC Coach’s Code of Conduct