COVID-19 Return to Play


West Vancouver Football Club COVID-19 Safety Protocols


West Van FC is always concerned about the health and safety of our club members, whether it is our players, staff, or family members.  At a time when health and safety are concerns throughout the world and our community, it will be important that protocols are in place and followed by everyone while we are on the fields and at Ambleside Park.  There are some fundamental practices that we will follow that come from our Provincial Health Authorities.  Please go over these basic points with your player prior to returning to the field so that they will be comfortable with the changes that will take place when they join us for training sessions.

1.  Social Distancing:  Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C. Provincial Medical Health Offer, has reiterated the benefits of being outside.   WVFC believes resuming soccer activity will be beneficial to our club members and can be done safely.  We ask that members walking to the field keep a 2-metre distance between themselves and others, and when players enter the field, we will require the same distancing.  We will have a decrease in the number of participants on the field.

2.  Hand Sanitizing at Field Entrance:  Each player will be asked to use their own hand sanitizer as they enter onto the field and when they exit. 

3.  Players need to bring their own water bottles and make sure to leave them in their group’s designated area and distanced from other water bottles. 

·         Players should refrain from bringing extra kit to training and leave their jackets or bags spaced from others.

4.  All registrations and payments must be done online and by the deadline.  We will not be able to take drop-in’s or cash/cheque payments at the field.

5.  Each player will be required to answer a COVID-19 health and safety questionnaire before attending each session.   This will be an important part in helping us provide a safe environment for players and coaches while training.

For Club Academy and Camp Sessions, West Van FC Will:

1.  Increase the coach to player ratio in our camp sessions.

2.  Create a separate entry and exit for players arriving and leaving their session to help facilitate safe distancing.  Parents, please do not crowd around the gate areas to pick up your child.  We will have a designated pick up area for each field so that ample space will be available for children to meet their parent.

3.  Ensure that equipment is routinely sterilized after being used.

4.  Create a safe drop-off and pick up routine for players.

5.  We expect parents to be responsible about when keeping their child at home is the right thing to do. If there is any doubt about whether or not it is OK to send your child to the field, please use the BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool:

BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool

BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

West Van FC is asking players to take the BC Self-Assessment if they have any doubts about whether or not they should be participating with their team.  As information continues to quickly change regarding COVID-19, the Club believes this is the most up-to-date way to determine a player's health situation.  At the completion of the assessment, a notice will be provided letting a player know what the Province recommends.

Link to the assessment tool:

WVFC Safety Protocols


WVFC: COVID-19 Game Day Points for Teams

Game Day Points:  COVID-19

  • If a player has any symptoms of COVID 19, or a fever, stay home
  • Whenever possible maintain physical distancing
  • Sanitize hands regularly, and don't touch your face
  • At Ambleside turf fields, for practice and games, enter the fields ONLY through the gates by the player benches,  and exit ONLY through the South gates near the parking lots
  • Bring lots of water and do not share. Fountains are supposed to be turned off
  • No spitting or nose clearing at the field during practice or games
  • No food/snacks at the field. Players should bring their own snacks, and consume them away from the field, before or after games/practice.
  • Players/coaches must be physically distanced when on the player benches. If all substitutes and coaches can not physically distance in the bench area, they must wear a mask, or sit/stand in another area designated by team staff. 
  • No mingling or socializing by the field or parking lot before or after games/practices.  With the 50 person limit per field, player drop off and pick up must be expedited to minimize congestion
  • No throw ins during practice or games.  The ball will be kicked in.
  • WVFC General COVID Protocols:

West Van FC COVID-19 Guidelines for Team Practices

WVFC has created COVID-19 Safety guidelines for teams to use during their training sessions.

3 Phases to Returning to Play

We have temporarily returned to Technical Training with social distancing. The club will keep everyone posted when there is a change.

Group Dimensions (Quarter Field)


Safe Spacing on the Field for Training


Ambleside Park: Entering and Exiting for Training


DWV Addendum to Facility Use: Agreement/License