COVID-19 Return to Play

West Van FC Return to Play 2.0 Plan

West Van FC Return to Play 2.0 Plan 
(Amended July 6, 2021)
Information in this document has been provided by BC Soccer Association and ViaSport 

Below are the working timelines, guidelines, measures, and precautions to support the continued responsible return to play for soccer. The information in this document is current to July 1, 2021 and aligns with guidance from ViaSport and BC’s Restart Plan. Information will continue to be updated as Provincial rules and guidelines change. 

Note that the 2.0 chart has been updated by ViaSport to reflect the move to Step 3.  This document will be updated again once there is another change.

GENERAL MEASURES as of June 17, 2021
  1. The activity must always comply with the general measures, recommendations, and any gathering restrictions issued by the BC health authorities.
  2. Physical distancing not required on the field of play, including bench area.
  3. Ensure all participants are registered per the normal process under BC Soccer, including parent/guardian providing written consent for players U18 and younger.
  4. Keep a participant record and when participation occurred.
  5. Communicate to participants any hygiene measures in alignment with current information issued by the BC health authorities, including staying home if sick.
  6. Remind all players to bring their own refreshments and do not share water bottles.
  7. Sharing of common equipment is allowed.
  8. Adhere to the Rule of Two.

Outdoor soccer can occur for both youth (21 years and younger) and adults (22 years and older) under the following provisions:
  • Contact in training and gameplay is allowed in and outside home club and/or with another organization offering supplemental training.
  • Travel and organized gameplay can occur amongst the membership across British Columbia.
  • Maximum participants (unless otherwise stated by the municipality/city/facility owner) is:
 -Adult: Up to 50 people per 1 regular 11v11 full-size soccer    field including bench area (including all participants, coaches, referees, & others – no                  distancing).
 -Youth: Up to 50 people per 1 half of a regular 11v11 full-size soccer field including bench area (including all participants, coaches, referees & others –          no distancing).

Spectators (unless otherwise stated by the municipality/city/facility owner): 
  • Outdoor: Up to 50 spectators spaced around a regular 11 v 11 full-size soccer field.  Limiting gatherings is still the intent, so please be responsible.
First Aid 

In the event that first aid is required to be administered during an activity, all persons attending to the injured individual must first put on a mask and gloves. 

Outbreak Plan 

In the event of a suspected case or outbreak of influenza-like-illness, immediately report this to  

BC Soccer Rule Updates 

1.  Cohorts are no longer required.
2.  Throw-ins are allowed (there will no longer be kick-ins).
3.  Modified drop ball and normal drop balls can occur.

BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool

BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

West Van FC is asking players to take the BC Self-Assessment if they have any doubts about whether or not they should be participating with their team.  As information continues to quickly change regarding COVID-19, the Club believes this is the most up-to-date way to determine a player's health situation.  At the completion of the assessment, a notice will be provided letting a player know what the Province recommends.

Link to the assessment tool:

WVFC Safety Protocols


WVFC: COVID-19 Game Day Points for Teams

Game Day Points:  COVID-19

  • If a player has any symptoms of COVID 19, or a fever, stay home
  • Whenever possible maintain physical distancing
  • Sanitize hands regularly, and don't touch your face
  • At Ambleside turf fields, for practice and games, enter the fields ONLY through the gates by the player benches,  and exit ONLY through the South gates near the parking lots
  • Bring lots of water and do not share. Fountains are supposed to be turned off
  • No spitting or nose clearing at the field during practice or games
  • No food/snacks at the field. Players should bring their own snacks, and consume them away from the field, before or after games/practice.
  • Players/coaches must be physically distanced when on the player benches. If all substitutes and coaches can not physically distance in the bench area, they must wear a mask, or sit/stand in another area designated by team staff. 
  • No mingling or socializing by the field or parking lot before or after games/practices.  With the 50 person limit per field, player drop off and pick up must be expedited to minimize congestion

DWV Addendum to Facility Use: Agreement/License