Summer Camp Return

Summer Programs Safety Guidelines

West Van FC Summer Program Guidelines and Expectations Summer 2020




2.  AS PER THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH:  NO DROP-INS ALLOWED THIS YEAR.  Only registered players can attend.

3.  Drop-off Times are between 8:45-9:00am (morning camp) and 12:45-1:00pm (afternoon camp).  Please drop off your child in the first parking lot as you enter Ambleside turf fields via Pound Road – DO NOT TRY TO DROP OFF OR CHECK IN BEFORE 8:45AM (morning camp) OR 12:45PM (afternoon camp)

4.  Pull up to the WVFC staff coaches where they will take the temperature of your player.  

5.  Your child will be asked three quick questions:  1. Are you feeling well?  2. Have you or someone in your home been out of the province in the last 14 days?  3. Does anyone in your household have COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19?  

6.  Your player will now be walked to the field (socially distancing along the way) and will sign in with our registrar and then go on the field into a designated area for each individual with a ball until camp is ready to begin

7.  Please ensure your child’s hands are washed or sanitized prior to leaving the car or walking to the field.  

8.  Please bring your own mask and gloves (if you decide you want these with you).

9.  Each group will have their own designated field and break area.  Each player will have their own designated area, within their group’s break area, to put their belongings (water with their name on it, backpack, jacket).

10. Equipment will be sanitized prior to, and at the end of each session.

11. First-Aid (if needed) will be administered by two WVFC staff coaches who will wear gloves and masks

12. AS PER THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH:  there will be 50 people, or less, on D field:  40 players (maximum), 8 staff coaches and 2 safety officers

13. Pickup Zone – you will drive into the same parking lot for pick up, and your child will be sitting with their group (socially distanced) at a designated cone waiting for you to pick them up at 12:00pm (morning camp) and 3:00pm (afternoon camp).

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you at the field!

West Van FC


1.  My child has a fever, but I think it is just a bad cold.  Can he play just for this morning?  No.  We are deeply sorry, but your child is not allowed on the field if he/she presents with a fever.  The Ministry of Health has forbidden us from allowing children who present with a fever to come to our camps.

2.  My cousin is going to be here for a couple of days.  Can I please bring her with me?  No.  We are very sorry, but we are unable to offer drop in’s this year.  The Ministry of Health has forbidden it.

3.  I need to drop my player off early, is that possible? Unfortunately that is not possible as we will not be set up before 8:45am to take the temperature of your player, ask the questions to your player or to sign in your player at the registration table. We will only be doing that at the designated times – 8:45-9:00am (morning camp) and 12:45-1:00pm (afternoon camp).

4.  We’ve come all the way to the field and now you’re saying he has a fever. Can’t he just play this session?  No.  AS PER THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH, if your child has a fever they will NOT be allowed to participate, and the parent will have to take the child back home.

5.  Will the staff have contact info for parents if needed? Yes, WVFC Staff and the Registrar will have the names and contact info for each registered player attending the camp. Players will be checked off the list at the drop-off area once they have had their temperature taken and answered the three questions. They will then be checked in again at the registration table so that we know they are present for the day.  

6.  My player would like to walk to and from the field each day, is that Okay? Yes, please have your player check in at the drop-off zone same as if you were dropping them off in the car so that they can go through the same procedure as all other players. At the end of day they will go to the pick-up area and be dismissed by their coach from there. No parents will be allowed on field or at the facility other then to pick up and drop off.

7.  My child washed her hands before we left the house, but she was thumb wrestling with her big brother on the drive here.  What do we do?  Your child can go to the field house and wash her hands there or she can have them sanitized by our coaches at the field gate.

8.  I would prefer my child wear a mask and protective gloves during camp.  Is this alright?  Absolutely yes!  Children are welcome to wear protective face coverings and gloves if that is their preference.  Please bring your own.  We will not be able to provide masks and gloves to players except in emergency situations.

9.  Where can I find the field diagram?  The field diagram is on our WVFC website -

10. When and how will equipment be sanitized?  Our WVFC staff will sanitize all equipment before and after every session. Staff will also be sanitizing benches, gates, goals, etc. during the sessions.

11. How will First-Aid be performed safely?   Staff will wear gloves and masks while performing First-Aid, and unmasked players that require first aid will be given a mask by our staff before receiving first aid attention. 

12. Why only 50 people at the field? These are the rules and guidelines as per the Ministry of Health.

13.  Where is the pick-up zone and when can I arrive for pick-up? The pick-up zone is the same location where you dropped your player off in the morning. Please park in this lot and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR. The players will be brought with their group to the pick-up area at 12:00pm. Drive slowly and be patient, please.  See diagram -