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Posted 9/20/2022 Ref # 6484

Nutritional Workshop for Athletes and Parents

To register, please use this link:  The cost is $25 for the first registration and then $20 for additional attendees.

For more information on Active Wellness Consulting, please click on this link: Active Wellness Consulting 

Posted 5/31/2022 Ref # 6474

WVFC Spring Bulletin - Celebration Edition

To read the Spring Bulletin and have access to the club's Awards and Recognition presentation, please click on this link: SpringBulletin2022

Posted 4/10/2022 Ref # 6472

Job Opening: Equipment Manager

Posted 4/10/2022 Ref # 6471

WVFC - Whitecaps Event

Tickets for this game can be purchased with this link.  A section of the stadium will be reserved for West Van FC.  

Posted 3/6/2022 Ref # 6467

West Van FC Metro and Div 1 Coaching Announcements


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